“Art is an expression of the soul. It inspires, liberates and transforms.”

Our exclusive Art Studio nurtures local artisans as well as art-lovers through imaginative events and workshops. The Gallery hosts guest artists who create interactive projects and nature-inspired collections so our guests can experience art in a participative manner, nourishing their creative side.



The first and only art immersive resort in the archipelago, JOALI MALDIVES offers an opportunity to explore one-of-a-kind installations, a creative dialogue between international art forms and indigenous influences, craftsmanship and materials.

We believe that the value of art extends far beyond its role as show pieces. At its best, art should be immersive. It should spark curiosity, illuminate perception and inspire insight. Art isn’t just meant be seen – it is meant to be experienced.

Let our island-wide art collection transport you to a wondrous realm. Pause, gaze and reflect. Soak in the essence of each piece and artist, and let them speak to your soul.


Go on a journey, as you seek out each location on our Art Map. Explore vernacular architecture as you marvel at Bushra and KARA. Be amazed by the textures of Maldives Vibes and The Table, and the playful adaptation of materials with Terra Cotta Furniture, Ceramic Mini Stools, Maldivian Heron, Evolution Chair and many more… Each unique piece has a story to tell. Experience them all at your own pace.


Take home a souvenir of your magical time on our island of joy. Our store offers a selection of artisanal teas, distinct textile products, decorative objet d’arts by local and global artists, and works created right here at the JOALI Art Studio.



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