Inspired by his past experience working in a Colombian brick factory, Wolston has created a set of clay chairs where the finger marks of the artist can still be seen. The use of this motif emphasises the importance of human influence on the production process combining traditional techniques with playful fabrication, these items simultaneously embrace and protest functionalism.


Residing outside theJ OALI Boutique, the intricately detailed chairs contrast with the lush fauna around them. At the same time, they appear in harmony with their surroundings owing to the use of terra cotta, a natural material.

Take a seat, won’t you?

  • JM_Artist Icon_15x15Chris Wolston
  • JM_Location Icon_15x15In front of the Maison De JOALI




New York, United States


Based in New York, Chris Wolston explores the material vernacular of the modern day and the fetishization of process. Inspired by manual techniques and the regional contrasts between his Brooklyn and Medellin studios, Wolston creates works that demonstrate playful adaptations of materials, often mixing high- and low-tech processes.

He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Rhode Island School of Design and a Fulbright grant to Colombia

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