Maldives Vibes is inspired by the rich underwater world of the Maldives. The intricate, delicate coral forms and the beautiful colors of the multitudinous organisms that call it home. Maldives Vibes immerses the viewer in to the underwater life that makes up such an important part of the Maldivian experience.

It is primarily white in color, which symbolizes the coral bleaching that has affected the Maldives, with striking colors that embellish the sculpture, that serve as both a memory of the vibrant coral reef and encouragement for its
future protection.



Zemer Peled



Nomadic artist Zemer Peled examines the beauty and brutality of the natural world through her creations. Her sculptural language is formed by her surrounding landscapes, engaging with themes of nature and memory, identity and place.

Her artworks are formed of thousands of porcelain shards constructed into small- and large-scale sculptures and installations. Originally hailing from a tiny piece of land that is holy to all (Israel), Peled now lives in Los Angeles, the city of angels

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