Overlooking the beach, this hanging chair displays Hefer’s signature passion for local wildlife and endangered species.


The grey heron is JOALI’s spirit animal. Very often, birds are the first residents or visitors to islands. This one migrated from Africa. Kara prefers the Maldivian weather and cuisine. Kara has decided to stay.

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Porky Hefer

Cape Town, South Africa


Hefer spent 16 years in advertising, during which time he worked as a Creative Director in Cape Town and New York agencies, and became one of South Africa’s most awarded creatives, in 2007 he left advertising to start up a creative consultancy, Animal Farm. Four years later he founded Porky Hefer Design.

Hefer focuses on conceptual precepts, which manifest in three dimensional forms in a variety of executions, from public sculpture to product and furniture design. He regularly challenges our relationships with everyday objects, inspiring us to look again.

Vernacular Architect exploring traditional techniques, crafts and materials to create functional objects that have modern relevance. He mimicks and references the natural world and collaborates with craftsmen to lift your heart and inspire you.