Recreated specially for JOALI with materials like sand and tree sap, Carbonell’s iconic Evolution chair has been adapted for the tropical climate. The cocoon-like chair offers a private moment of quiet introspection to anyone seated in its depths. The chair embodies the principle of being with others, while also being immersed in yourself, in your own individual identity. In other words, it is a place for dialogue and for shelter



Nacho Carbonell



Known for his tactile approach to sculpture, Nacho Carbonell plays with texture, experimental techniques, and natural materials. His approach is unique, seeing objects as ‘living organisms’ that come alive and surprise you with their behaviour. For Carbonell, forming a relationship with his work is integral: he creates “communicative objects” with his hands in order to impart something of his personality to them. The mission of his objects is to “hybridise” with the user, to become one or to have a union.


Carbonell hails from the Spanish city of Valencia in the Mediterranean, the land of oranges and sun, but is now based in Eindhoven in Netherlands, the land of rain.