JOALI Maldives - One World One Egg Art Piece


This unique installation is inspired by the egg of the White Tern seabird, found across the world’s tropical oceans. The White Tern lay sits single egg in a joint among small branches, instead of a nest. By doing so, it protects the egg from predators like crows which avoid perching on small branches.


In this way, the White Tern has learned to use its environment to survive, thrive and ensure the continuation of its species. Thus, One Egg| One World represents the integral connection between each living being and the world around them.


The piece also inspires us to contemplate the fragility of life and our planet. As you move from observing the egg to climbing and entering it, you will journey through feelings of instability, balance and calm. This work was manufactured by Studio Mameluca, with local production managed by Maldivian artist Kura Rappe.



JOALI Maldives - Artscape - One World One Egg Lifestyle Image
JOALI Maldives - Artscape - One World One Egg Lifestyle
JOALI Maldives - Artscape - One World One Egg



Studio Mameluca

Portugal & Brazil


Founded in 2012 by Nuno FS and Ale Clark, Studio Mameluca uses the medium of design to tell stories, generate questions, uncover emotions and facilitate discovery through our senses. This visionary project began in Brazil and is currently based in Portugal.


The founders of Studio Mameluca believe that contemporary design transcends basic survival needs and leads us to a poetic design of new information and experiences. Through their work, they constantly analyse the essence of “man”, both individually and in the impact he has on his surroundings.


Brazilian-born Ale Clark is inspired by the art of her homeland and, above all, by her grandmother, Lygia Clark, who has had a profound influence on her artistic life. Nuno FS, who is of Portuguese origin,
forayed into the creative world through photography and sculpture, influenced by his father, the artist José Miguel Franco de Sousa