At JOALI Maldives, holidays give your day an extra sparkle. Come and be a part of the revelry as we honour global special occasions in a way that embraces diversity and fosters unity. Elevating holidays in the Maldives, our island paradise hosts a wide range of one-day celebrations, ranging from the exciting and playful to the heartfelt and meaningful.



Women's Day

8 March 2024


JOALI Maldives is the embodiment of a great many resilient women.


On this International Women’s Day, join us to celebrate the milestones and triumphs achieved in the pursuit of a more inclusive world.


Mother's Day - GCC

10 March 2024


Join us in honouring the extraordinary women that fill our lives with love, light, and warmth.

Dear mothers, our hearts are filled with love and gratitude for you. Your love has been constant and endless, we hope this day is filled with joy and love which you so deserve.


Happy Mother’s Day!


World Sleep Day

15 March 2024


Here in JOALI, we find joy in the simple aspects of life.

On World Sleep Day, we celebrate this simple yet vitalpart of our everyday life. Through sleep, we find a sanctuary that rivals our  picturesque shores.


Global Recycling Day

18 March 2024


Here at JOALI Maldives, nature is our constant companion, our forever muse. We are reminded each day about the importance of safeguarding our beautiful planet.

Join us to celebrate Global Recycling Day.


Father's Day

19 March 2024


A father’s love is a melody that resonates with strength, wisdom, and endless devotion.

As we mark Father’s Day, let’s harmonise in celebration, showering our dads with the love they truly deserve.


World Water Day

22 March 2024


In the rhythm of nature, water dances as the source of life, a reflection of our interconnected world.


Join us in celebrating World Water Day, where we honour the essence that sustains us all.


Earth Hour

23 March 2024


At our art-immersive resort, we know that when it comes to art Mother Nature is the pièce de résistance.


A masterpiece painted in hues of green and blue, constellations of starlit skies and their silent companion, the moon.

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