Multigenerational Playground

“The joy of wellbeing is meant for all ages

A child’s early years lay the foundation for the rest of their life.


Childhood learning and wellbeing have a direct and enduring impact on the future, including educational attainments, career path, financial status, all-round health and civic engagement.


Multi-Generational Playground


Focused on early-stage learning and wellbeing, playtime at B’Kidult comes with so many benefits for kids and teens. In this safe and nurturing space, young guests can connect deeply with nature, grow in self-confidence, and learn vital health & fitness skills to last a lifetime.

Journey of Sustainable Fun


Our thoughtfully curated CSR experiences weave seamlessly with the natural beauty of the Maldives, offering children the chance to learn, create, and connect with the environment in a meaningful way.


At JOALI BEING, we believe in fostering a love for nature and environmental responsibility from a young age.


Wellbeing for All Ages


We know young minds and bodies need a little extra care, which is why the following treatments have been carefully designed by JOALI experts


Explore our special wellbeing menu just for kids and teens.