The astonishing forms and colours of coral are beautifully expressed through this communal table, inspired by the vibrant artistry of Antoni Gaudi. The perfect spot for sunset drinks and experiential dining overlooking the ocean.




Misha Khan

New York, United States


Working at the intersection of design and sculpture, Misha Kahn creates objects whose function is masked by the unusual assemblage of objects he uses to create them. Kahn designs his objects by hand with unorthodox materials such as pool noodles and fishing wire and often produces the final work through digital means, creating an interplay between the handmade and the technological.

Crafter of delusional objects. Land of enormous sodas. Misha explores interesting forms and covers them with compositional and enticing surfaces. His motto is “Best works always have little surprises that reveal themselves over time.” "Coral is a delicate symbiotic system, just like art is with color and form. I drew inspiration from the waters around the island and favorite artists from the past like Gaudi and Nicki de saint Phalle."

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