Located inside the JOALI boutique, Doug Johnston’s organic-shaped light shades reflect the textures and waves of the island. Made from coiled rope, stitched using industrial sewing machines, they demonstrate skills gleaned in masonry construction,3D printing, basketry and cordage.

These unique light shades invite you into an immersive experience. Look up, relax and “feel” the ocean waves



Doug Johnston

Wolston, Canada


Doug Johnston’s work oscillates between art and design, primarily utilising a process of coiling and machine-stitching cordage based on ancient vessel-building techniques. His main interest lies inbuilding a formal vocabulary that engages in architecture, spatial and landscape formation, commerce, and fundamental human technologies.

Since 2010, Wolston has been focused on a process of coiling and stitching rope using industrial sewing machines, eventually leading to the production of a wide range of functional and sculptural objects. His work utilizes a long history of human technologies such as cordage, coiled vessels, bags, basketry, masonry construction, sewing machines, and 3D printing. Originally from Canada, Wolston now resides in Brooklyn, the “hidden” side of the Big Apple