The Journey of Transcendence

Embark on a transformative wellbeing journey, surrounded by the abundance and wisdom of nature. Curated around the Four Pillars of JOALI BEING: Mind, Skin, Microbiome and Energy, our Wellbeing Programmes are designed to meet a variety of objectives, including: deep relaxation, stress recovery, digestive reset, weight management, preventive skincare, anti-ageing, energy replenishment, and yoga enhancement.

Additionally, we offer specialised programmes for mothers to be, women, men, couples, and guests facing sleep issues. Experience the remarkable Joy of Weightlessness at JOALI BEING, and return home feeling renewed and inspired.


Unwind & Relax

Reinvigorate yourself deeply through a synergistic blend of sound healing sessions, inner peace therapies, grounding and restorative practices, and balancing cuisine. Surrounded by serene lagoons and whispering palms, our island sanctuary is the ideal space to discover the Joy of Weightlessness – a feeling of lightness and freedom.


Cultivate inner balance, vitality and strength through a sequence of grounding and restorative practices, transformative sound therapy sessions, and energy-balancing treatments. Tailormade for guests seeking to manage stress and anxiety, this Wellbeing Programme focuses mindfulness practices that help cultivate a deeper awareness of feelings, thoughts, bodily sensations, and surroundings.

Gut Reset

Nurture your body’s micro-environments to unlock healing at multiple levels. Especially designed to address the root cause of digestive disorders, this Wellbeing Programme promotes cellular detoxication and restores the natural balance of your microbiome through a synergistic blend of gentle detoxifying treatments.

Reverse Ageing

Experience a deep skin transformation, guided by a potent combination of advanced science and ancient wisdom. Ideal for guests who wish to restore the natural youth of their skin and hair, this Wellbeing Programme features a series of time-reset treatments that have been proven to effectively reverse the signs of ageing.

Weight Rebalance

The more we learn about the digestive system, the more we realise how vital a healthy gut microbiome is for overall wellbeing. Thoughtfully created to support your weight management goals, this Wellbeing Programme helps to enhance the metabolism and contour the body.

Wellbeing Together

Embark on a joyful adventure together to nurture and deepen your precious bond. This Wellbeing Programme invites couples to explore each other’s interests and share meaningful moments in our ultra-luxurious island paradise.

Wellbeing Combination

Embark on a joyful adventure together to nurture and deepen your precious bond. This Wellbeing Combination Programme invites couples who travel together and are looking for discovering different experiences than each other.

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