Inspired by the fabled table-top Tepuis mountains of Venezuela and the forms of heritage hour glasses, these clay stools are crafted with mud from the rivers of the Guiana Highland region. Sanguino views them as vessels that carry his past, and now breathe the wonderful air of the Maldives!


The vibrant stools are designed to last for many years, absorbing the warmth of the sun and the tales of the guests who enjoy sitting on them as time passes by. They are ready to befriend you and listen to your stories....what will you tell them?

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Reinaldo Sanguino



The works of ceramicist Reinaldo Sanguino are vehicles for his memories, daily experiences and imaginings of the future. Like a life journal, his creations carry “mementos” that can be shared wherever they travel.


Born in Venezuela, Sanguino first fell in love with clay during his time at the School of Visual Arts Cristobal Rojas in Caracas, from where he graduated with a focus on ceramics. Now based in New York City, Sanguino has exhibited throughout the United States and South America and been awarded multiple national and international grants. He is especially known for his much-coveted clay stools.