"There was magic and adventure, of course – but also truth, love and a sense of community. This was a story I wanted to be part of..."

Join us as we script an extraordinary tale together, one where integrity and passion illuminate each word, chapter and verse. Here, wellbeing is so much more than just an expression – it is a way of life, of being. We believe in savouring the joy of here and now. In setting our intention and nurturing with empathy. In co-creating moments of wonder and transcendence.


Open your heart to the timeless wisdom of the sea, the sand, the sun and the stars. As you reconnect with the generous gifts of nature, a journey of self-discovery and renewal begins. Combining ancient knowledge with modern science, our curated offerings are woven around the Four Pillars of JOALI BEING – Mind, Skin, Microbiome and Energy.
JOALI BEING Grand Beach Pool Villa Exterior


“As the seaplane descended towards the isle, my heart lifted. I had arrived.”

Nestled on the secluded island of Bodufushi in Raa Atoll, amid crystalline lagoons, pristine beaches and lush coconut palms, JOALI BEING is a 40-minute seaplane journey from Malé International Airport. With 68 villas, each with its own butler or “Jadugar”, we are the region’s first wellbeing island of its kind.

All food and beverage options at JOALI BEING have been expertly curated with the help of the island’s nutritionists, offering a selection of flavours and cuisines with healthy and indulging dining options. Personalised nutrition sessions and co-created menu recommendations are available.


Well Living Spaces

Designed for a holistic wellbeing experience immersed in nature, the Well Living Spaces combine an exceptional standard of accommodation with integrated wellbeing facilities.



JOALI BEING has 68 luxurious villas and residences, including beach villas, water villas and expansive residences. Our beach villas with private pool offer direct access to the beach, while our ocean villas with private pool offer direct access to the crystal-clear waters.


Click here to know more about the unique features and amenities of our various villas and residences in the Maldives.

JOALI BEING is located north of Maldives, accessible by a 45-minute scenic seaplane journey. As you exit the arrival hall at the airport, you will be greeted by our hosts carrying a JOALI sign. They will assist you to the private JOALI Lounge, from where you will embark on your seaplane ride to the island.

Seaplane journeys to JOALI BEING in the Maldives are available during daylight hours only.


Guests arriving at Velana International Airport on international flights after 3:30 pm are recommended to book an overnight stay close to the airport. We will do our best to arrange for the earliest possible transfer the following day.

The best season to visit JOALI BEING for a holiday in the Maldives is generally from November to April. While this beautiful island nation is typically warm and sunny round the year, it does have a dry season and a wet season.

JOALI BEING in the Maldives provides a destination for those who are seeking to improve their health and wellbeing. All food and beverage options have been expertly curated with the help of our nutritionists, offering healthy yet indulgent dining options in the Maldives with a variety of flavours and cuisines.


We offer a carefully crafted collection of upscale alcohol and wine selections, featuring premium beverages. Our menus offer a wide selection of non-alcoholic alternatives to classic beverages for guests who wish to have an alcohol-free resort experience. Guests can also explore an inspiring range of healthy beverages.

There are three restaurants at our wellbeing island in the Maldives: FLOW, MOJO and Ocean Sala. Culinary arts at JOALI BEING focus on an Earth-to-Table initiative, promising ingredient traceability and offering fresh, locally harvested and sustainably sourced foods that support small farms.


FLOW. Our open-plan interactive dining space features three distinct kitchens. Su serves ocean-to-table pescatarian cuisine, Plantae offers nourishing vegetarian and vegan fare, and B’Well features the JOALI BEING signature menu with meat and poultry options. As one of the best restaurants in the Maldives, FLOW won the Restaurant and Bar Design Award 2022.


MOJO. Welcome to our tropical beach sanctuary, located on a three-layered sundeck and offering the ideal spot for lunch and sundowners by the pool. MOJO is also home to the SAI tea lounge. Here, guests can explore an incredible range of brews and join tea ceremonies and learning sessions hosted by the resident Tea Sommelier.


Ocean Sala. Savour perfectly grilled premium cuts of meat and seafood, including specialties like Wagyu beef, Japanese scallops, and lobster and tuna from Maldivian waters."

In keeping with the wellbeing concept of JOALI BEING, our menu features an extensive selection of healthy food options. Our dining selection is designed to cater to different palates and dietary preferences. Guests may also request specific dishes and we will do our utmost to fulfil their requests.

WiFi is available in all areas of JOALI BEING, including villas, except within our Areka Wellbeing Zone.


To encourage a connection with nature and for your personal wellbeing during treatments, we invite you to take a break from technology while visiting our wellbeing resort in the Maldives.

Smoking is not permitted in public areas at JOALI BEING, apart from designated smoking areas.

Now open for all ages throughout the year, JOALI BEING welcomes guests of all ages. Join us as we continue to expand experiences for sojourners.


Focusing on the vital importance of early-stage learning and wellbeing, the island's expert team introduces B’Kidult, a new zone for multi-generational play with specially curated offerings to inspire young hearts and minds. For more details, please contact our Reservations Team here.

The closest private jet airports to JOALI BEING are Maafaru Airport and Velana International Airport.

Yes, day trips can be arranged between JOALI BEING and JOALI Maldives. Availability will be confirmed on the day of your visit. For more details, please contact your Jadugar during your stay.

Although JOALI BEING in the Maldives can be reached by speedboat or yacht transfers, we do not recommend this option as it will take 6-8 hours of travel time, depending on the weather.

Yes, JOALI BEING in the Maldives is a bicycle-friendly resort. We offer personalised bicycles with name tags for each guest.

For the privacy and safety reasons of our guests, drones are strictly not permitted to be flown at JOALI BEING.