This cosy yet elegant chaise lounge, made with rattan liana, one of the world’s longest natural fibres. For this haute couture design piece, Hoegy took inspiration from the our island and its sumptuous white sand shapes, formed by the infinite movement of the Indian Ocean.


The elegant choreography of fibres forms a graceful aerial ocean wave. Mirroring the undulating waves, the sculptural seating is meticulously crafted with rattan liana sourced from Indonesian jungles. Hoegy let herself be guided by the inherent curves of the fibre to finally fold it in the style of a textile drapery.



Aurelie Hoegy



Aurelie Hoegy embodies the fascinating essence of movement through her collections of furniture. Guided by the flow of fibres, she blurs and stretches the lines between art and design. Each object seems like a wild choreography in space, or a graceful aerial ocean wave.


Stretching the lines between art and design, Hoegy transcends boundaries by liberating our sense of limitations. Her unique vision of handmade creation, combined with her choice of the highest-quality sustainable materials, makes her hybrid approach and work true design haute couture.


An open-minded creative whose innate curiosity leads to exploration, research and evolution, Hoegy has a master’s degree in Contextual Design from the Design Academy Eindhoven. Her project, “The Dancers”, was presented at Palais de Tokyo in Paris, and her series of gnarled chairs won the 2015 Rado Star Prize and the 2016 Pure Talent Contest