“In that moment, I felt weightless. In harmony with the elements, infinite as the cosmos.”

As you traverse beyond boundaries at JOALI BEING, experience true weightlessness – a sense of freedom, joy and lightness. From the tranquil rhythm of ocean waves to the grounding embrace of ivory sands, each day on our wellbeing island is filled with moments both exhilarating and mindful.


Rediscover a natural state of health and happiness through our Wellbeing Programmes, ranging from five nights to three weeks. Designed to rebalance the Four Pillars of Wellbeing, your journey will be customised after an Intelligent Movement Analysis and an Integrative Health Assessment.


Wellbeing Programmes can be tailored to areas of strength and vitality, mental clarity and wellbeing, hormonal balance, women’s health, digestive and weight rebalance, restorative sleep, as well as movement and alignment for good health and immunity.


Inventive and inspiring, our expansive wellbeing facilities offer endless possibilities for reflection, movement, and growth. Find soul-deep stillness or enjoy the thrill of an energetic workout. Resonate with the healing harmonics of the Discovery Sound Path, or dip into the pure goodness of water at the Hydrotherapy Hall. Our island is yours to discover.



Areka opens doors to fully immersive wellbeing experiences, diagnostic services, learning programmes, specialised therapeutic and alternative healing treatments, as well as expansive fitness and gender-specific recreation facilities



AKTAR is JOALI BEING's herbology centre, inspired by the joy of spice markets, in collaboration with Herba Farm. Guests are able to address any Mind, Skin, Microbiome and Energy concerns with the resident herbologist, who specialises in the health benefits of herbs and essential oils. Herbologist can prepare herbal teas for any kind of physical or mental ailment, create natural body creams, shampoos and massage oils, as well as offer workshops for guests to learn about the science behind the health benefits of herb and oils.


Restore your inner balance through the healing harmony of music and vibration, in a mesmerising space created by a sound healing visionary and JOALI BEING collaborator. Taking its name from the oriental origins, it brings together the rich tradition of classical music and international academic sound studies and research, as well as contemporary design and innovation.


Honouring the ancient tradition of healing through water, our hydrotherapy hall takes inspiration from the fascinating transformation of a coconut from salt water into a luscious fruit. Experience the cleansing powers of our Banya inspired by Russian Banya, the exhilaration of our Aufguss Sauna or the blissful tranquillity of Watsu therapies and the Salt Inhalation Room.


Elevate your fitness experience as you explore different movement patterns and pathways to wellbeing. Inject fresh energy and balance into workout routines with intelligent training programmes, tailored to your personal goals. Our resident movement coaches utilise the latest scientific technologies to help you break through barriers and grow in strength and positivity. Master new skills, radiate happiness and feel more alive as you become part of the community.



Dedicated specialists will guide you through a transformational journey in our extensive over-water & mind facilities, which include an antigravity yoga pavilion, and a meditation deck with majestic ocean views.



Each of our 39 treatment rooms are equipped with a signature sound that is aligned with planetary frequencies and in synergy with the room’s location on the island. These intelligently designed spaces welcome positivity and harmony, whether you are surrounded by treetops or relaxing over the waves, healing with quartz crystals or rebalancing with ancient eastern massage techniques.
Our community brings together seekers and discoverers, experts and dreamers, healers and culinarians. Your departure from the island doesn’t mean goodbye. We invite you to continue learning and growing with JOALI BEING.

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