Housed in our Four Bedroom Beach Residence, these elaborate thread tapestries are handwoven exclusively with natural materials. The scale of the pieces accentuates the high ceilings, with long strands flowing artistically down the wall.


Crafted by Kang through a meditative process, the tapestries reflect a fusion between the modern and the traditional. Note how the contemporary look contrasts with the time-honoured composition of materials

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Soojin Kang

South Korea


Arising organically from an early affiliation for nature, Soojin Kang’s interest in nature-inspired creativity eventually led her to thread artistry. Kang believes there is a fundamental need for humans to rediscover the art of hand-crafting furnishings with needle and thread using existing materials — rather than constantly purchasing newly-made items. Utilising antique raw materials that are available in very limited quantities, Kang crafts one-of-a-kind furnishings with traditional craft techniques. Originally from South Korea, “the land of morning calm” she is now based in London.

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