JOALI Maldives - Grey Heron Art Collection


This striking work represents the emblematic grey heron found on the island, coupled with the romanc eof fragrant frangipanis and mystical mangroves. Through their creativity, the designers of Ardmore evoke the exoticism and remoteness of our tropical location.


Mirroring the flight and elegance of seabirds, the Maldivian Heron offers a lovely welcome to our Island of Joy!T his pattern has also been adapted by No LaB for the hand-carved panels found in Bellinis restaurant.

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Ardmore Ceramics

South Africa


Ardmore Ceramics was founded by Zimbabwean-born ceramic artist FéeHalsted. The story began in 1985 on the Ardmore Farm, at the foothills of the Drakensberg mountains in South Africa, where Fée started teaching ceramics to a talented group of rural residents. Later that same year,18-year-old Bonnie Ntshalintshali, who was born on the farm, began a ceramics apprenticeship under Fée.


The two women quickly developed a flourishing creative partnership, which became the bedrock of Ardmore’s success. Today, the studio is home to over 70 African artists whose ceramic works have been acknowledged as modern-day collectibles by auction houses like Christie’s and Sotheby’s.


The unique artwork for JOALI was created by Catherine Berning and Sidney Nyambeze, both Ardmore designers from South Africa who are drawn to colourful and fantastical ceramics that embrace African fauna and flora.