Adding a touch of timelessness to the natural landscape with his abstract style, Philippe has created a special “JOALI” version of his celebrated Bench. This bench isa perch, a space for the island’s human and bird visitors to rest and reflect among the gently swaying palm trees.

Through this installation, Philippe beckons the spirit of the island, the genius loci, to reveal itself, so that those who come to seek rest can slip into a state of reverie...

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John-Paul Philippe

United States


The work of John-Paul Philippe is grounded in divining the abstracta nd the natural realms in which he is immersed. A modernist artist, designer and aesthete, he strives to find the essence of what the world wants to reveal and then reflect it in his work. Philippe’s creations range from paintings and murals to large-scale interior design elements such as integrated metal sculptures. Born in Oklahoma, he now spends his time between the cities of New York and Sharon