Joy of Preserving

Safeguarding the Planet

We take pride and joy in managing our own impact on the environment and promoting ecological resilience. Along with launching the JOALI Reef Restoration Programme, we have also partnered with local and global conservation organisations to help protect our oceans.


JOALI Reef Restoration Programme

Often called “the rainforests of the ocean”, coral reefs are complex and delicate ecosystems that support thousands of marine species. The JRRP assists in the natural recovery of the vibrant reef around JOALI Maldives, which has suffered losses due to coral bleaching and climate change. We also host regular coral planting activities with our guests, a vital component of ecological restoration in the Maldives.



In collaboration with the Olive Ridley Project, JOALI BEING remains steadfast in its commitment to safeguarding endangered sea turtles. We also have both green and hawksbill turtles nesting at JOALI BEING. Our sea turtle biologist monitors the population of turtles in Raa atoll through photo identification. We also support ORP to build awareness on sea turtle conservation across Raa Atoll.


Dive Against Debris and Island Clean-ups

Ocean waste poses a serious threat to marine life. The JOALI team conducts frequent dives to remove plastic and other types of waste to keep the waters around our island pristine. We also organise clean-ups of uninhabited islands near us, helping to ensure a pleasant and healthy environment for all visitors. We also facilitate the removal of ghost gear with Olive Ridley Project and collect data for research purposes.


Mini Marine Biologists

Our Marine Biologist programme teaches our young visitors about life underwater through interactive games about our oceans, marine life, and how we can all make a difference through simple actions.


Tree Planting

Trees increase the resilience of our ecosystems, protect the soil from erosion, and limit the impact of climate change. JOALI hosts regular tree planting activities at both properties as well as at local islands nearby.