The story of JOALI begins with Esin Güral Argat, Vice President of Gürok Group and the visionary who first dreamed of creating a unique art-immersive resort on a pristine island in the Maldives. Thus, JOALI MALDIVES was born. This artful and enchanting property clearly expresses the female touch, paying homage to the incredible natural splendour by which it is surrounded.


Esin’s dedication to sustainability, her focus on female empowerment and her enthusiasm of spirit are the driving forces behind JOALI. Every aspect of the brand is infused with joie de vivre, based on the belief that luxury is inseparably intertwined with “the joy of living”.


Both as an idea and as a place, JOALI is a realm of blissful happiness, a canvas on which to paint cherished and joyful memories with loved ones. It is in these moments that life sparkles brightest. It is in these moments that the true meaning of luxury becomes evident.

With JOALI MALDIVES operating successfully since November 2018, the idea of a second property emerged. Esin and her team at Gürok Group are very excited to launch JOALI BEING, began to welcome guests in 2021. Set within the same spectacular atoll as its sister property, this nature-immersive wellbeing island retreat is like nothing the Maldives has ever seen before. While both properties share a common mission and values, each has its own distinctive identity.


Gürok Group, a family-owned Turkish company founded in 1948, has investments and operations in glassware, tourism, mining, roof tiles and construction. With over 7,200 employees and this high-growth organisation reaches over 140 countries with its exports.

Inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of its founding family, Gürok Group is proud to extend its hospitality and tourism investments into the Maldives with the intention of creating a global luxury brand of exceptional standards