JOALI Reef Restoration Programme (JRRP) reflects our commitment to coral restoration in the Maldives.  We assist in the natural recovery of our island’s surrounding reef through “fragments of hope” – tiny corals planted in our own nurseries. Once the corals reach an appropriate size, they are outplanted onto our existing house reef to help it regenerate.



MAT Project

The newest nursery created by the JRRP uses Mineral Accretion Technology (MAT) to enhance coral growth. The use of low-voltage current promotes the accumulation of calcium carbonate – the mineral that forms the skeletal structure of corals. In other words, this process helps corals grow faster! Corals take 10-12 months to reach maturity in the nursery, after which they are outplanted onto our house reef. Each of the 24 tables can hold up to 113 fragments, which means a minimum of 2,712 fragments every year.

Way Forward


After about a year in the nursery, our coral fragments are ready to be outplanted. In November 2022, the JRRP started the outplanting phase – planting the grown colonies around the Arrival Centre. A delimited area has been marked to ensure adequate spacing between colonies and allow for accurate monitoring.


Our spider frame and Christmas tree nurseries are planted by guests and hosts as a way to collaborate with the JRRP and be a part of the reef recovery effort. The Artificial Reef near the Arrival Centre has grown over the years, and provides a home to many marine life in the area.

The Programme