Discover the Four Pillars of JOALI BEING

Life on our Island of Wellbeing & Wonder is woven around the Four Pillars of JOALI BEING: Mind, Skin, Microbiome and Energy.

This unique framework offers a transformative approach to wellbeing, inspired by ancient wisdom and grounded in modern science. The Four Pillars are designed to rebalance, replenish and revitalise all dimensions of the Self. Together, they create a pathway to the Joy of Weightlessness – a feeling of freedom, lightness and wonder.


Look through the lens of the Four Pillars to uncover new perspectives on mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.



Too often, Mind health gets overlooked because it is largely invisible. However, as the World Health Organization has stated: “Mental health is an integral part of health; indeed, there is no health without mental health.”


The Mind is responsible for thinking, feeling and making choices, as well as directing our emotional, psychological and social wellbeing. By nurturing the Mind, we can enhance how we express ourselves, handle stress and relate to others. We can also build trust in our intuition, thus elevating the spirit and deepening the connection with our Higher Self.

Cultivate contentment and inner peace through avenues like meditation, mindful movement, and sound therapy. Spending time in nature is another wonderful way to nourish and uplift the Mind Pillar. Here at JOALI BEING, we invite our guests to dance among the palm trees, converse with the ocean, and find their place in the sunshine.



Superficial interpretations of Skin health abound in the modern world. Disguising imperfections is a temporary solution at best. What we need is a deeper approach: the Skin is a visible reflection of our inner health.


Skin is not only the largest organ in the body but also an interface between the inner and outer realities of your personal biological universe. It is a living and breathing system that works to absorb nutrients and expels waste. By focusing on Skin, you can improve the health of your body, restore natural beauty and reverse ageing.


Nurture and illuminate your Skin with rejuvenating therapies that draw from age-old rituals as well as advanced science. Experience the benefits of cleansing treatments like Hammam, Ayurvedic massage, body scrubs and detoxifying facials – all part of our Skin Pillar offerings. At the AKTAR, our herbology centre, we create “food for skin” in the form of nourishing herbal oils.



A relatively new term in the world of wellness, the Microbiome refers to the collection of bacteria in your gut. “There are more bacteria in your gut than stars in our galaxy,” says biologist Merlin Sheldrake. The skin, too, has its own Microbiome, which determines how it looks and feels.


Your gut Microbiome is the invisible key to overall wellbeing. This colony of microorganisms performs vital functions like absorbing nutrients, eliminating waste, modulating immunity and protecting you from pathogens. Consuming unhealthy foods can disrupt this intricate process, causing oxidative stress in the gut. Improperly digested foods turn toxic and trigger inflammation – which is the starting point of several diseases.


Recently, scientists have also found a direct pathway between the gut and brain. Did you know that unhealthy gut bacteria can find their way to the brain and impair cognitive function? No wonder the gut is called “the second brain”.


Optimising the Microbiome offers a plethora of benefits, starting with stronger immunity and brain function. Let food be your medicine as you form a deeper understanding of nutrition and build eating habits around your circadian rhythm.


The Microbiome Pillar is a key focus area at JOALI BEING. Our Earth-to-Table cuisine feeds the good bacteria in your gut by incorporating a variety of fermented foods, including sourdough, kombucha, lacto-fermented vegetables and tzatziki. We also bring attention to the skin Microbiome through treatments around deep cleansing, detoxification and lymphatic stimulation.



Energy is a journey of the body that instils a sense of inspiration and lightness. Replenishing your personal Energy reserves allows you to thrive through the highs and lows of life. It also aids in reducing feelings of anxiety and negativity.


The first three Pillars feed the Energy Pillar. When you have a balanced peaceful Mind, healthy glowing Skin and a well-nourished Microbiome, you feel naturally revitalised and uplifted. Additionally, the Energy Pillar can be strengthened through conscious movement and connection with nature.


Renew and sustain Energy by making time for self-care, restoration and recovery, even during fast-paced periods. Building a regular exercise routine is the best route to a healthy mind and body. Experiment with different forms of movement to see what works best for you – aerobics, yoga, Tai Chi, HIIT, Pilates, martial arts and so on. Guests at JOALI BEING can experience all these and more at CORE, our innovative fitness zone.


Treatments like quartz crystal massage, Ayurvedic massages and Cryotherapy offer additional pathways to rebalance and optimise the flow of Energy within your body.