Your wellbeing journey will be customised, guided and supported by our Resident Consultants, with specialisations in Ayurveda, holistic nutrition, naturopathy and herbology.



Wellbeing Coach & Head Consultant


As a specialist in Ayurveda and yogic science, Dr. Dhanraj’s approach is anchored in the belief that the human body has an innate ability to heal and thrive – if given the appropriate environment. Skilfully applying ancient scientific knowledge to address modern challenges, he designs a personalised treatment plan for each guest. Decades of clinical and retreat experience have made Dr. Dhanraj an exceptional lifestyle and spiritual coach, with the ability to guide wellbeing seekers to open up their energetic and mental blocks. Along with postgraduate degrees in Ayurvedic medicine and yogic science from India, he also has certifications in Panchakarma and yoga.



Tea Master


Apollinariya Samargina is currently the only resident Tea Master in the Maldives. This highly sought-after IMTA title is awarded only to the most exceptional tea masters who are dedicated to sharing the experience of quality, loose-leaf specialty teas grown around the world.


Her journey has taken her to over 60 countries, giving her the opportunity to explore traditional beverages and tea techniques across a variety of cultures. Now, she brings her magic touch to our collection of tea rituals and ceremonies at SAI. Even her name evokes an air of enchantment: Apollinariya means gifted to Apollo, the ancient Greek god of sun, art, seafarers and healers.



Wellbeing Consultant – Senior Nutritionist


Sneha Rai is a Holistic Nutritionist with a diversified experience of more than 15 years, she has synthesized an approach to nutrition that is intuitive, practical and in sync with scientific validation. She is an advocate for embracing traditional wisdom passed on from centuries, helping people simplify complex concepts, understand principles of personal nutrition to make learned choices and bridge the existing gap between conventional and contemporary perspectives.


Besides a published research paper, she has also authored a book on Nutrition and extended her expertise to 5-star wellness retreats, wellness centers, sports authorities, corporates, schools etc. Her interest areas include detoxification, endocrinal health, Lifestyle disorder management, corrective & therapeutic Nutrition and Weight management




Wellbeing Consultant – Naturopath


Dr. Shraddha Shetty draws on the vast healing potential of Mother Nature to treat issues like chronic gut conditions, autoimmune diseases, menstrual disorders, and other lifestyle and metabolic concerns. Focused on helping the body heal itself, her approach encompasses diagnosis, diet, acupuncture, therapeutic yoga and education. She is known as much for her deep knowledge as for her empathetic guidance.


Along with a degree in naturopathy and yogic sciences from India, Dr. Shraddha holds certifications in naturopathy for obstetrics and the management of spinal disorders. Her experience includes teaching naturopathy at college, working at naturopathic hospitals and clinics, and serving as a wellness advisor at luxury wellness resorts.



Resident Herbologist


Motivated by her deep belief in plant-based healing, Marina made the transition from conventional pharmaceuticals to herbology. Her work begins in the garden, where she plants, tends and harvests herbs like sage, lavender, lemongrass, geranium and coriander. These herbs are then dried and preserved for use in customised essential oils, medicinal balms and natural cosmetics.


Marina is also adept at working with edible wild plants and seasonal mushrooms. Along with a degree in chemistry, she has studied medicinal and aromatic plants at Uskudar University and holds a Level 1 certification in aromatherapy from HerbalFarm Academy in Turkey.

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