Dive into spectacular sustainable tourism in The Maldives

28 September 2021

Do you hear it? As the world cautiously reopens a distant drumbeat beckons from just beyond the horizon. It’s the Boduberu (big drum) of the Maldives, calling you to a destination vacation like no other. Cast away your cares and dive into the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean — and into an immersive cultural experience.



Follow the beat of the Boduberu to sandy private beaches, where you can celebrate the natural beauty and rich culture of the Maldives by day and enjoy the flavour of contemporary Maldivian music by night.


If an exotic adventure filled with experiences shaped and led by dynamic women sounds like the perfect twist for your holiday plans, JOALI Maldives is the place for you. JOALI’s owner, female entrepreneur Esin Gural Argat deliberately selects women to lead projects and further the resort’s eco glamour. Here you’ll find mini-libraries of female-inspired books and immersive installations combining Maldivian culture with contemporary art curated by female collective No LaB— every aspect of JOALI echoes its feminist ethos.


Discover ecotourism with an edge at JOALI. It’s all in the details. The thatched roofs of the luxury villas, the experiential art installations, the verdant palms and foliage are all undeniably gorgeous, but they also reflect the resorts’ deep commitment to sustainability.


Local palm fronds were woven together by a Maldivian team to produce the roofs. The quirky and wonderful eco-inspired artwork sprinkled across the island is all made of recycled or sustainable materials. And each piece has been consciously selected and placed to both complement its environment and convey the message of conservation through form and function. Even the resort’s layout and buildings were all designed to accommodate the natural greenery of the resort’s home, Muravandhoo Island.


Healthy coral reefs are undoubtedly key to preserving the serenity and paradisiacal Maldivian landscape. JOALI’s Reef Restoration Project started a coral nursery where coral fragments that have fallen naturally from reefs in the island’s waters are out-planted, providing a space where predation and disease amongst the coral reefs are minimised. Alongside the resort’s specialised waste water treatment system, the island’s natural greenery is kept lush and vibrant so that you can continue to revel in the scenic tranquil waters, removed from the buzz of city-life.



In line with JOALI’s commitment to respect and protect its natural environment, you can take comfort in knowing that multiple measures are in place to ensure your Maldives luxurious holiday provides a net positive impact to this idyllic paradise. Even before your arrival, the carbon footprint of your journey has already been offset by the resort’s Joy of Planting scheme whereby new trees are planted based on the estimated carbon-emission per in-house guest. Not forgetting, all your room’s amenities are 100% natural and safe for marine life.


Quality is integral to experiencing true luxury— and that is what we promise at JOALI. From the stylish merging of architecture and nature to the delectable dishes you dine on— every part in the crafting of your luxurious Maldivian experience resonates with JOALI’s sustainable tourism philosophy.


JOALI offers a decadent spread of cuisines made using organic vegetables and herbs harvested in our homegrown Chef Garden. Growing our own food reduces the reliance on fuel to transport food which minimises JOALI’s contribution to the release of toxic fumes and particles into the environment. Our gardening processes also use less chemicals and pesticides, promising the utmost purity of flavour and nutrition in our ingredients.


Furthermore, what is luxury without sweet coffee breaks or leisurely afternoon tea sessions as you gaze out into the crystal-blues of the Maldivian seas? JOALI’s Coffee prides itself on the transparency of its coffee sources. Our brews are handcrafted using single-origin, Speciality Grade green coffee beans sourced directly from reputable farms worldwide. The farming processes ensure the best quality and care of the coffee beans to retain their robust aroma. Other than its notable smooth velvety notes, each cup can be traced back to a farm, telling us a unique story of its origins.


Like our coffee, JOALI takes your tea-drinking experience seriously as well. Our teas are carefully sourced from Newby— a member of the Ethical Tea Partnership. This international non-profit organisation seeks to better the lives of tea plantation farmers worldwide, as well as protect and preserve the prime environment for tea plantation. With a wide selection of teas from refreshing floral notes to rejuvenating herbal tea— you certainly have the luxury of choice.

Celebrating Island Culture & Communities

Breathtaking panoramic views, powdery white sands and crystal clear turquoise waters notwithstanding, the greatest treasure the Maldives has to offer is its people. From the warmth of their hospitality and music, to the charm of their distinctive dhoni boats and architecture, you are sure to find the Maldives is a vibrant cultural tourism destination.


At JOALI, the indispensable contribution of the people of the Maldives to the resort’s success is celebrated and honored through corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. Whether it’s supporting sustainability education, empowering local women, or holding blood drives for hospitals, JOALI believes in giving back to the Maldivian community.


Local women are hired at all levels, from cleaners to management at the resort and JOALI works with local schools to ensure girls and women gain the skills essential for gainful employment. During your stay you too will have the opportunity to support the local community. You can donate blood for local hospitals without leaving the resort, or join food pack distribution efforts to feed the needy, in addition to taking part in the coral reef restoration project and charitable contribution schemes.



As you plan your escape to JOALI’s picturesque castaway island, be sure to note and follow all applicable COVID-19 travel regulations and restrictions to protect both your health and safety and that of the people of the Maldives. For details on the relevant tests, forms and procedures for your stay, see our article "Escape to the Maldives: your dream family holiday awaits".


Embark on this journey with us at JOALI Maldives. Experience true luxury like you have never before.

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