Escape to the Maldives: Your Dream Family Holiday Awaits

18 May 2021

Ready for the restorative magic of a destination holiday but unsure where to vacation during covid? Wonder no more, beyond the horizon a spacious oasis of joyful calm beckons. Pack your bags and prepare to leave every care behind as you celebrate the escape you deserve. Discover your dream Maldives family holiday on sun-drenched beaches amidst the shimmering turquoise waters of the Maldives.


Since the archipelago reopened in July of 2020, happy, sunny days have returned for Maldives tourism. This pristine tropical sanctuary has emerged as one of the very best places to travel for guests in search of a taste of paradise and peace of mind. With its nearly 1,200 coral islands sprinkled across roughly 90,000 square kilometres of the Indian Ocean and approximately 157 resorts, each situated on its own separate island, the Maldives is perfectly designed for your responsible and socially distanced holiday fun.


Whether you are looking forward to the dream trip-of-a-lifetime, a romantic getaway or an exotic adventure you and your family will return to again and again, you will find yourself spoilt for choice in the Maldives. Despite its glamorous aura, this picture-perfect destination has many resorts that offer an enchanting mix of activities and excursions for visitors of all ages. AT JOALI Maldives, you will find the perfect balance of opportunities for making moments that will last a lifetime with the whole family and alone time with your partner. Even more importantly, it’s all in an environment with meticulously health and safety measures that will put your mind at ease.


Situated on Muravandhoo Island in the Raa Atoll, the exclusive retreat offers an extraordinary holiday experience for the whole family wrapped in nature’s splendour. At JOALI you can look forward to waking each day to breath-taking panoramic views from your choice of amongst 73 exquisite private villas. You will also find your ocean home is nestled amidst the waves of a sea so clear, that its every treasure can be admired from your sundeck. Carefree strolls on sugary white sands by day give way to magical moments beneath an endless blanket of stars every night in this haven of unspoilt nature. JOALI is truly among the best destinations to experience the natural beauty of the Maldives while indulging in unadulterated luxury.


Keeping your kids happy and entertained is effortless in the Maldives. With the wonders of the natural world all around, every day offers fresh adventure. However, if you have younger children you will find that resorts with Kids-Clubs provide an added perk. These gems allow children to gleefully indulge in a taste of independence and excitement while parents relish their time together. If visiting during the summer months, you will find JOALI’s Muramas Kids Club offering a Summer Discovery Camp. This camp is chock-full of culture, oceanography, environment and astronomy based activities to expand your little one’s horizons as they learn, create and play.


With its enchanting mix of adventure and relaxation, the Maldives provide a broad range of activities for couples to enjoy that are sure to delight. If you like your bonding with a dose of adrenaline, JOALI has you covered. From parasailing and wakeboarding to swimming in the Maldivian sea with manta rays, the resort offers a wealth of exhilarating options to fill every moment spent together with thrilling surprises.


Prefer to revel in more tranquil or indulgent vacation pursuits? JOALI Maldives’ beautiful art-immersive villas, soothing spa, decadent destination dining experiences and more await. Consider slipping away in the morning for stolen moments with your partner on a romantic dhoni tour of your breathtaking tropical oasis. The option to explore nearby islands along the way always lends an added allure to these peaceful cruises. After your morning’s excursions, reconnecting as you unwind with a couples massage at the island’s spa by ESPA is highly recommended. Here you will find tailor-made treatments unparalleled in their power to refresh and rejuvenate. As a fitting end to a spectacular day together, try a subdued evening of cocktails over a private meal of exquisitely crafted flavours in the comfort of your private villa. JOALI’s Muramas Kids Club will be happy to care for your little ones until 10:00 pm allowing you to savour more time together.


Whether your family is filled with nature lovers, daredevils or simply adores the water, there is no better place to tick off everyone’s dream holiday wishlist than JOALI. Dive into an aquatic expedition with family members of all ages as you snorkel together exploring led by a marine biologist. Embark on a whale watching adventure, escape to another world on a semi-submarine ride and discover the very best of what the Maldives has to offer aboard JOALI’s 56-foot luxury yacht. You can also hire a speedboat to take your family water skiing or for an impromptu tour of the island. After full days of making unforgettable memories together, you can gather in the resort's charming Manta Treehouse to share your stories over gentle island melodies and an array of delicious fare.


Visiting the Maldives during Covid-19 provides a brilliant escape from the cares of the world, but you will need to do your homework before you book. Check all relevant travel advisories for your trip and be aware of the entry and exit requirements for every stop along your journey there and back.
As of 3 May 2021, a negative Covid test taken within the 96 hours prior to the scheduled time of departure from your first port of embarkation is required to enter the Maldives. Your negative results must also be linked to your Traveler Health Declaration form. This requirement applies to all guests regardless of their vaccination status, but infants under one year of age are exempt.
Factoring in a little preparation and research, the joyous escape your whole family has been yearning for awaits you in the Maldives.