Get inspired at our art-immersive Maldivian resort

26 August 2021

As the global pandemic continues to confine us to our homes, many of us have started to crave the expanse of land and skies—a relief from the limits of indoor spaces. At JOALI, we offer just that. Our art-immersive, luxury resort promises an exquisite island vacation surrounded by crystal blue waters and stretches of soft, white beaches where you can bury your toes into. It is certainly a desirable escape from the boundaries of the home.



In light of the current Covid-19 situation, our resort ensures that safe-distancing measures are put in place for our guests’ and employees’ safety. JOALI's 73 villas, each with a dedicated private beach, are situated well away from one another, giving you peace of mind. Here, you can experience a placid intimacy with oneself, loved ones and nature while keeping yourself safe and healthy.




As the first and only art-immersive, luxury resort in Maldives, the experience you will attain at our island resort will not only be a Maldivian vacation dream, but one that is spiritual and inspiring. The resort features art pieces by local artists and artisans, showcasing the local contemporary and experiential art movement. By shedding light on the immense creative potential generated by the local community, JOALI offers a fresh perspective on Maldives’s local culture and heritage.


Our art philosophy is anchored in sustainability efforts and is heavily influenced by the local environment. Tucked away in the vast beaches and well-preserved greenery of the island resort are artworks curated by art and concept curators Zeynep Ercan and Asliala Onur. The duo are based in No LaB, an art curation company in Istanbul. Together, they have gathered artists, both locally and across the globe, to exhibit their Maldivian-inspired experiential and interactive artworks around the compound. By following the exclusive Art Map designed by our curators, you can scout the beaches and explore our nature-immersed spaces to find the unique selection of art installations dotted all around the island resort. Some of the art installations utilise materials native to the Maldives and some of the pieces exhibited are created on site as well. The conscientiously curated selection of artworks go beyond aestheticising the paradisiacal scenes of Maldives, often illustrating the importance of marine ecology and marine conservation to the island and its people. From the organic yet stylish Manta Ray Tree House by South African artist Porky Hefer that complements the naturistic scenes of Maldives, Zemer Peled’s sculpture, Maldives Vibes, which sends an environmental message on marine conservation, it is undeniable that JOALI’s art displays are awe-inspiring.


Furthermore, what truly makes the art-immersive experience that much more special at JOALI is the interactive, self-involved art experience that we offer. Nataliya Kuleshova, our talented resident female artist, holds art workshops for the guests. Our workshops offer an array of art mediums for you to experiment with where you can let your creative juices flow. From pottery workshops to ceramics-crafting, as well as painting and glazing activities, JOALI is more than likely to have something that interests you.


Of course, not forgetting the highlight of every Maldivian vacationer’s desired experience— to immerse oneself in the serene beaches and breathtaking waters surrounding the island. JOALI’s consistent sustainability efforts have preserved much of the island’s natural fauna and flora, accentuating the nature-immersive experience for our guests.


In response to the 2016 El Niño event which resulted in the fatal bleaching of coral reefs inhabiting Maldivian waters, we started the JOALI Reef Restoration Programme. The programme supports the natural recovery of the island’s surrounding reef ecosystem. Today, our resident marine biologists, Ida Hendricks and Shameem Ali, aim to further develop the JOALI Reef Restoration Programme. Aside from their active involvement in local reef restoration projects, our resident biologists also conduct engaging presentations to teach guests more about marine ecology and Maldives’ ongoing marine conservation efforts. You can also go on snorkeling adventures and play a part in the reef restoration efforts by participating in coral nursery and coral planting activities.


A marriage between art and nature, many of the art installations exhibited resonate with the luxury resort’s marine conservation efforts. While the installations are stylish and aesthetic, blending in cohesively with the naturalistic backdrop of Maldives, they also inspire deeper conversation on marine ecology and conservation. Guests may then draw on these creative insights when they participate in the art workshops offered at our in-house Art Studio while crafting their own masterpieces.


If you are an art collector or simply enjoy purchasing one-of-a-kind art pieces to elevate your home decor, head down to our store at Maison de JOALI which sells unique artworks created at the JOALI Art Studio for you to adopt as your own. Our store also accommodates a distinctive selection of textile products and decorative statement pieces crafted by local and international artisans. Other than their uniqueness, the items in our collection also reflect JOALI’s art philosophy. Many of the exclusive pieces embody both the Maldivian landscape and our persistent conservation efforts. Since some of the featured works originate from the local community, profit from your purchase would also return back to benefit the locals.


Our resort certainly goes beyond offering our guests the picturesque views of the Maldivian natural environment. With the infusion of extraordinary art installations, this luxurious vacation spot will enrich your experience on the island, immersing you in the beauty of art and nature.


As the spread of Covid-19 remains rampant, do heed the regulations and restrictions placed on travel for the safety and the health of both the locals and yourself. Ensure you have done the necessary tests before booking a flight to this paradise on land, and read our article “Escape to the Maldives: Your Dream Family Holiday Awaits” for more information on our Covid-19 regulations.

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