There’s a magic to the Maldives that you feel from the second you arrive. At JOALI BEING, we’ve designed a range of excursions and experiences to help you feel the rhythm of a different pace of life, whether it’s an underwater adventure in our semi-submarine, the splendour of sailing alongside dolphins, or an opportunity to experience warm Maldivian hospitality from the heart on our neighbouring islands.

All excursions are available for private trips on request.



Experience the magic of the underwater world without getting wet! Descend into the sea for unimpeded views of the vibrant marine life around our island. This unique experience makes you feel like you’re sitting in a submarine – a treat for kids and adults alike.


“A Turtle’s Journey”

Join us for an exciting exploration of the turtle’s life and journey in the sea. The Maldives is home to five different species of sea turtles, but the most common ones you’ll see during the trip are hawksbill turtles.

Discover and learn more about the sea turtles of the Maldives. See them in their natural habitat and get a closer look as they look for food. A deeper understanding of the life and journey of a turtle will make your encounter with them more fun and meaningful.


Vibrant Underwater
Life Snorkelling

Rainbow fish, vibrant corals, turtles, stingrays, mantas, eagle rays, reef sharks...an astonishing variety of marine life can be seen around JOALI BEING. Soak in the sights with one of our daily guided excursions: House Reef Snorkelling, Snorkelling Extravaganza or Turtle Quest. These excursions can also be arranged as private trips.


UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve
Hanifaru Bay - Manta Ray Snorkelling

Let us take you on a unique private charter to Hanifaru Bay in Baa Atoll. Hanifaru Bay is a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, a vital feeding and breeding ground for manta rays. Here you can swim side by side with the mantas and sometimes even with whale sharks. This place in the Maldives is where you’ll find the largest aggregation of reef manta rays in the world; it is a sight to behold and a spectacular experience you should not miss.


Manta Ray Snorkelling in Raa Atoll

In Raa Atoll, manta rays can be found almost all year round. In close by locations, we can usually find between one and three manta rays swimming in the coral blocks known as cleaning stations. If you want to snorkel with this graceful animal, our experienced guides can recommend when is the best time to find them. This activity is available upon request as a private excursion.


Dolphin Cruise

As the sun dips towards the horizon, it’s time to set off in search of dolphins. Playful, friendly and intelligent, these creatures are a delight to see as they swim alongside the boat. Since dolphins are wild and free in the Maldives, we cannot guarantee a sighting. However, our experienced captain and crew will take you to a great spot where dolphin pods are commonly sighted. If you’re lucky, you might see several dolphins at the same time.


Sunset Cruise

This excursion gives you the perfect opportunity to immerse in nature as you cruise across the ocean at sunset. Enjoy the sensation of the sea breeze on your skin just as the sunset sets. This is the perfect standpoint for panoramic views of the sun slowly descending as the sky turns pink and gold. Relax as you admire the scenery and enjoy it with a glass of sparkling wine or sparkling tea and healthy choice of canapés.


Sunset Fishing

Fishermen in the Maldives have been practicing the art of line fishing for generations. Learn this traditional method and cast your lines into the sea under the friendly guidance of our local staff. For a nominal charge, our chefs would be happy to prepare a meal with your fresh catch.


Big Game Fishing

Our big game fishing boat is fully-equipped with durable and high-quality fishing gear for top performance as well as luxury amenities to make your trip more comfortable and enjoyable. Our experienced captain and crew will bring you to a spot where you have the possibility of reeling in a big catch. For an additional fee, JOALI BEING chefs will prepare your catch in your preferred way so you can share it with family and friends.


Local Island Visit

Get a glimpse into the day-to-day lives of Maldivians living on the local island. The guided local island tour will take you to a nearby local island to see what life is like away from the resort. Here you’ll get a chance to see some local houses, a souvenir shop, and the places where people hang out to pass the time.

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