"Floating in the warm turquoise sea, I feel my own personal journey of transformation begin"

Discover the joy of weightlessness as you float in our warm turquoise waters. Dive beneath the surface and immerse yourself into a magical underwater world.

Feel the restorative power of the sea soothe your body and soul. Whatever wellbeing means to you, and wherever you are on your personal wellbeing journey, we’re sure that you’ll find inspiration whether on, in or under the water. Dive into an aquatic adventure and a new world of possibilities with us.



Awaiting you is a selection of unforgettable Scuba diving experiences including, a wide range of PADI diving courses and dive excursions that promote environmental awareness and marine life conservation for experienced divers.


Here at JOALI BEING’s Marine Centre, you can create and personalise your own exclusive luxury adventure to make it a more memorable holiday. Our professional and well-trained team is ready to assist you to have the best holiday experience.



Whether a seasoned diver or just getting started on your Scuba journey, our caring team of experts will help you dive deep into a world of discovery, with experiences designed to suit all experience levels.

Celebrate the feeling of underwater weightlessness as you discover the majesty that surrounds our island home. Absorb the sense of calm that envelops you as you immerse yourself in the deep blue. Let yourself be taken over by the exhilaration that comes from experiencing something new.



Feel the wind in your hair, the thrill as you glide across the water, the joy that comes from challenging yourself, the liberation that comes from powering yourself across the waves, when every sense of body and mind feels sharper than ever.

Whether you choose the gentle pace of a leisurely sail on board our catamaran, the calm of kayaking across the surface of the turquoise sea, the challenge of maintaining equilibrium on a stand-up paddle, or the thrill of discovering a new sport like wake surfing, all of our water sports activities can form a meaningful part of your wellbeing journey at JOALI BEING.



At JOALI BEING, we’ve designed a range of excursions and experiences to help you feel the rhythm of a different pace of life, whether it’s an underwater adventure in our semi-submarine, the splendour of sailing alongside dolphins, or an opportunity to experience warm Maldivian hospitality from the heart on our neighbouring islands.


All excursions are available for private trips on request.



Nothing can compare to the feeling of gliding through the water on board your own luxury yacht.

Whether a snorkelling trip, a picnic, or merely a sail surrounded by the splendour of our islands to appreciate all the world has given you, there’s a special joy that comes from a life spent on water. Our fleet of yachts and our professional crews can take you where the mood suits. Over the waves with the wind in your hair, feeling the tang of salt on your skin, or into a spectacular Maldivian sunset. All you have to do it climb on board and let yourself go.