Tuning into Global Wellness Trends: Sound Therapy & Breathwork at JOALI BEING

29 January 2022

Here at JOALI BEING, we offer an array of wellbeing approaches for guests to discover and experience. You can find two of our unique offerings in the recent trends highlighted by the Global Wellness Summit

A World of Sound

The first is Sound Therapy. As the world enters an era of immersive wellbeing, sound therapy is leading the way with ambient and healing music, soundscapes, and personalised playlists. Recent studies show a wide range of benefits, from boosting mind health to strengthening memory.

Guests on our island can experience the healing power of sound at two exceptional venues, created in collaboration with sound healing visionary Aurelio C. Hammer.

Visit Seda, the Sound Therapy Hall, a mesmerising space for sonic healing. Here, you can restore inner balance through a harmony of music and vibration.

The Discovery Sound Path offers an outdoor oasis for sound exploration. Winding through lush palms, the self-guided trail invites you to interact with 12 unique instruments. You may even meet General Manager Ozgur Cengiz along the way – this is his favourite spot on the island!

Each of our 39 treatment rooms resonates with a signature sound, aligned with planetary frequencies and mapped to its location on the island.

You can even continue the journey within your villa. Thoughtfully chosen instruments are placed in the rooms, encouraging guests to rediscover the delight of playing with sound and making music.


The Power of Inhale-Exhale

The second trend is Breathwork, which some experts are calling “the new yoga”. Breathing is such an essential part of life, but it tends to get overlooked in the hustle and bustle of the modern world.

Applied breathwork can boost your wellbeing in vital ways: by easing stress and anxiety, soothing chronic pain, and improving focus. As the Global Wellness Summit says: “top medical schools agree that how we breathe has a profound impact on our physical and mental health”.

Now, finally, the art of breathing seems to be getting the attention it deserves. With the rise of breath parties and festivals, breathwork is poised at the new frontier of wellness.

At JOALI BEING, breathing takes centre stage at the Ocean Sala, our over-water meditation deck. Re-learn this fundamental wellbeing practice against endless seascapes of turquoise and blue.

With every inhale and exhale, our expert practitioners guide you through techniques to unlock energy and vitality. Emerge with a new sense of balance and rejuvenation.