Sound Healing Discoveries

Awaken the Joy of Weightlessness with our therapeutic journeys of sound, vibration and resonance.

When we think of music or sonic vibrations, our thoughts usually turn to things like creative expression, entertainment or celebrations. However, these powerful tools have another side: since time immemorial, they have been used to promote emotional and physical wellbeing. The transformational effects of sound waves are celebrated in many ancient cultures.


As we enter the era of immersive wellbeing, sound therapy is undergoing a happy renaissance. We are witnessing the rise of sound therapies in popular spaces, including ambient and healing music, soundscapes and personalised playlists.


Research has found a myriad of benefits associated with sound healing, including:

  • Reduced stress. Let go of anxiety as waves of calming sound wash over you.
  • Improved sleep. Sound healing eases a restless mind, allowing it to slow down and rest.
  • Emotional regulation. Music has a cathartic effect, helping to awaken and process dormant emotions.
  • Pain management. Achieve relief from chronic pain through vibroacoustic therapies.
  • Meditative state. Let the power of vibration transport you to a profoundly meditative realm.
  • Shift in consciousness. Connect with inner and higher consciousness through sojourns of sound.


Sound Healing at JOALI BEING

At our Island of Wellbeing, you can explore a wonderful range of sound healing experiences that draw equally from age-old spirituality and modern science. We have collaborated with talented sound experts and artists to bring together diverse streams of inspiration, including traditional Indian music, international sound research and contemporary sound design.


The Discovery Sound Path offers our guests an outdoor sound therapy oasis. Winding through the island’s lush native forest, this self-guided trail invites you to interact with 9 unique instruments such as the Wind Chime Bell, Sound Stairs and Listening Spiral. Become a sound explorer and follow your curiosity down the palm-fringed pathways…

At SEDA, the Sound Therapy Hall, you will find a mesmerising space for sonic healing. Here, you can enhance your senses and restore inner balance through a harmony of music and vibration. Using 14 specialised instruments, our practitioners create therapeutic sound journeys, interwoven with natural elements.


LOTUS is our pyramid-shaped studio, filled with sunlight and designed according to the ancient Indian science of Vastu Shastra. Here, you can participate in Group Sound Bath Meditations. Centre your mind and bring it in alignment with the universe as healing vibrations cascade over you.


Each of our 39 Treatment Rooms resonates with a signature sound, aligned with planetary frequencies and mapped to its location on the island.


You can continue the journey within your Well-Living Villa. Thoughtfully chosen instruments are placed in the rooms, encouraging guests to rediscover the delight of playing with sound and making music. The tuned balancing metallophone offers an opportunity for sound meditation.


Along with touching you on an emotional and spiritual place, sound and vibration also have an impact on your physical wellbeing. They can even create vital changes at the cellular level.


Meet us at JOALI BEING for sound healing experiences that awaken the Joy of Weightlessness – a sense of freedom, joy and wonder.