JOALI BEING Celebrates

Global Wellness Day 2023

As the first and only wellbeing island of its kind in the Maldives, JOALI BEING celebrated this year’s Global Wellness Day with a distinctive blend of substance and style.

The celebrations began a week in advance and culminated on 10th June with memorable experiences, aimed at bringing together JOALI guests and local residents to share the best of wellbeing.

Seven Days of Inspiration


Reflecting the seven-step manifesto of Global Wellness Day, JOALI BEING’s week-long programme invited guests to explore different dimensions of wellbeing, from nutrition and fitness to social connection and sustainability.


Inspired by the idea of making wellbeing a lifestyle, we encouraged guests to rediscover the pleasure of nature walks, learn the benefits of going plastic-free, and practice the art of healthy cooking. Our Wellbeing Conversations focused on the importance of adequate hydration and early bedtimes, while our Island Clean-Up celebrated the joy of doing good deeds. Guests also shared meaningful moments with loved ones at the island’s Sunset Gathering Ritual and Family-Style Dinner.


As our General Manager Özgür Cengiz observed, “In a setting as spectacular as the Maldives, one inspiring week really can change your whole perspective. It can spark curiosity, open new doors and enable you to connect deeply with yourself, the community and the world around you.”



Global Wellness Day


In honour of #DanceMagenta, this year’s official theme, movement was at the heart of our celebrations. The Dynamic Run and Dance motivated guests to find their rhythm with traditional Boduberu drums and move to Chi-Flow, while our Discovery Sound Path hosted a walking meditation amidst the healing vibrations of musical instruments.


In addition, JOALI BEING hosted a Steps Aerobics Class, an Aquatic Motion Session, and Sunset Yoga on the beach. Over at the Culinary Learning Centre, our knowledgeable chefs helped guests prepare nourishing, delicious dishes — from selecting the right ingredients to using intelligent cooking techniques. And finally, JOALI sojourners danced the night away to chakra music at the scenic Ocean Sala.



A Community Celebration


As a brand, JOALI is committed to engaging with and empowering local communities. Since our arrival in the Maldives, we have demonstrated this commitment in a variety of meaningful ways, including partnering with local organisations to support education and providing hospitality internships for young Maldivian aspirants.


This Global Wellness Day, paying homage to both community and wellbeing, we hosted a memorable celebration at Raa Maakurathu, a local island in Raa Atoll. Dedicated to living well, this special event was organised in partnership with JOALI Maldives, our sister resort.


JOALI guests and hosts from around the world joined Maldivian residents for experiences like an Island Walk and a Community Dance. There was also a Kids’ Evening with marine biology activities, exciting games, and healthy food and drinks for young explorers. Last but certainly not least, JOALI BEING’s experts shared valuable wellbeing advice with local children and their parents.

“The idea behind this event was to inspire our local communities to create a healthier way of life. Our hope is to unite people, so we can all embark on a collective journey of wellbeing,” shares Özgür.



Podcast with Belgin Aksoy, Founder of Global Wellness Day


Özgür is also the official Ambassador of Global Wellness Day for the Maldives. In honour of this special day, he had an insightful conversation with Belgin Aksoy — the founder of Global Wellness Day.

Available as a dedicated episode on the JOALI BEING podcast, the interview offers insight into Belgin’s personal journey, how she aims to change lives and communities through wellness, and her life-changing seven-step manifesto.


Transformative Wellbeing Island

Designed around the Four Pillars of JOALI BEING: Mind, Skin, Microbiome & Energy, our unique wellbeing approach draws on ancient wisdom and modern science alike. Embark on a transformative journey across our signature spaces for hydrotherapy, sound healing, movement, herbology and cryotherapy.


An expert team of naturopaths, therapists and movement specialists work closely with each guest to personalise their pathway to self-discovery and renewal. Come, discover the Joy of Weightlessness — a remarkable sense of freedom, lightness and wonder at the heart of JOALI BEING.