30 January 2022

Meet us for an immersive journey of sound and resonance, weaving together healing, inspiration and joy.

As you follow the trail to our sound therapy oasis, open your heart to the rhythms of nature. Surrounded by lush palms, the Discovery Sound Path winds its way through the island’s native forest. The self-guided trail offers different pathways to mindfulness and exploration…which one will you take?


We invite guests to experience sonic healing with curiosity and intention. As you play each instrument, let the vibrations move you on a cellular level.  


  • JOALI BEING’s Wind Chime Bell. The signature sound of our retreat. Vibrating to Bodufushi Island’s frequency, this oversize wind chime marks the entrance.


  • Plate Gongs. Tuned to the pure  musical/mathematical proportion of 3:2, the two massive gongs evoke the primal harmony of two similar yet distinct parts. Feel the deep relationship between the two as they fuse into a higher unified sound. This is the seed, the Bindu, that opens the gateway from and into silence.  


  • Sound Stairs. The crystalline sound of the 40-kilo metallophone evokes a light, meditative mood. As you explore a whole musical scale, delight in the simplicity of each note, tuned and in harmony with all the others. Get caught up in the play of life’s illusions, or be led to the all-embracing sound of Om. 


  • Listening Spiral. This installation invites you to pause and listen carefully. Through the exact measurements of the listening tubes, you can hear the frequencies of the tonal scale without any physical action. Move into a subtle realm of deeper listening – to the environment, to yourself, and to each other. 


  • Sound Circle – Tubular Bells. Arrive at the central gathering circle of the full diatonic scale of the octave, representing the fullness of the musical circle.Here, you can play and co-create each of the single musical tonal centres or combine them to achieve a rich resonance.


Those standing within the healing circle will receive the energy of the sound waves, while players outside the boundary can focus on producing wholesome and nourishing sounds. Play with the intention of sharing the vibrations, radiating outwards to benefit your loved ones, the environment and all living beings. 


  • Sound Vortex Spinner. The cylindrical tubular bell configuration opens a strong vibrational energy field, attracting everyone into its spell of spiralling sonic impact and atmospheric harmony. The universe itself seems to spin. Participate actively in the miracle, or be still and listen to the intricacies of sound in motion. 


  • Ocean Sound. In tiny island environments, the ever-present sound of the ocean connects the forest to the coast. Move the balancing disk in a rocking motion to recreate the melody of waves. Find balance within as you alternate from active mode to a receptive listening state.


  • Sound Stone. After hearing the ocean, it is now time to come into direct contact with water, used to evoke sound through a gentle rubbing of black granite. The vibrations of the stone lamellas transmit their impact through your hands into your entire body.


  • Sound Stones – Lithophone. These five longitudinal stones look like steps leading into the depths of the mineral world. Use the hammer-mallets to tease living vibrations out of seemingly-inanimate matter. A simple pentatonic scale invites the player and listener into a contemplation of life’s natural harmony.  


As you conclude your sonic exploration, a feeling of pure gratitude washes over you. Leave with a renewed appreciation of the wonders of our musical universe.