The Ebb & Flow of Circadian Rhythm

The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine. ~ Mike Murdock

Just as nature has her seasons, so do our bodies have a natural rhythm of their own, influencing our states of wakefulness and sleep, our moods and behaviours. The circadian cycle governs the 24-hour pattern of change within the human body, from being present in the moment to dreaming of sweet tomorrows.


Several things influence the flow and tempo of the circadian rhythm, including exposure to light and dark, as well as production of cortisol and melatonin.


In its purest state, nature orchestrates a harmonious melody within us for optimal health. In the morning, sunlight ignites the release of cortisol to create a state of wakefulness and vibrancy. As the day winds down towards dusk, the release of melatonin is triggered, evoking a state of relaxation and gently easing the body into rest.


Unfortunately, following the roadmap of modern life creates inevitable disruptions in our circadian cycle. Poor sleep habits, stress, frequent travel, and exposure to artificial light at night or early morning are all factors that alter our internal clock.


Life at JOALI BEING is designed to rebalance your circadian rhythm. Our wellbeing retreat is created according to the principles of biophilic design – a scientific system that integrates architecture with nature, with the goal of eliminating negative vibrations and achieving harmony.


Experience the flow of positive energy across our Island of Wellbeing. Open spaces, abundant natural light, and thoughtful use of materials like glass connects you with your surroundings across indoor and outdoor areas alike. The island’s wild forest, which been carefully preserved, weaves through the landscape.


Our luxury pool villas (known as “well living spaces”) function as an extension of the Indian Ocean, drawing inspiration from the shoreline. Notice elements like the flowing lines, sea-wave patterns, shell motifs and turquoise-green hues. Since blue light interferes with the circadian rhythm, charging points are placed away from beds and televisions are made available on request.


The circadian cycle also regulates patterns of hunger and digestion. At JOALI BEING, our Earth-to-Table cuisine has been curated to boost your energy during waking hours and promote rest in the evening.


Through the day, curated activities support your natural internal rhythm. Start the morning with meditation and yoga, go on to energising activities like Muay Thai and snorkelling, then wind down with reflective sunset experiences.


Another area of focus is exercise and sleep, which share a symbiotic relationship and form the bedrock of wellbeing. Regular exercise can improve the quality and duration of sleep. While morning exercise are most effective in maintaining the alignment of our biorhythm, those who prefer to work out in the evening may opt for resistance and strength training to support healthy sleep.


Persistent, long-term stress can wreak havoc on your circadian rhythm. To address this disruptor, it is important to create self-awareness. At JOALI BEING, we begin by helping you identify habits, situations and thoughts that stir up troublesome emotions like anxiety, fear and frustration – this is the first stepping-stone to finding your natural balance. Sound therapy plays a vital role in the process. 


Another method to manage stress is incorporating daily practices that make you feel present and grounded. We host meditation sessions and invite guests to set their intentions and reflect through the practice of journaling. Meandering trails along the sea and through lush palms are perfect for long walks, while sensory experiences like cooking sessions at the Culinary Learning Centre enable you to stay engaged in the moment.


As Susanne Fisch, our Director of Wellbeing, says: “Mindset is everything. Realising the power of routine is the key to improving our overall wellbeing.”

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