Travellers seeking a Maldives kosher hotel need to look no further than our Island of Joy. Vacationing at our inspiring luxury resort is ideal for guests who follow kosher dietary rules. Launched in the summer of 2023, our Kosher Kitchen offers a spectacular range of delectable kosher meals, making JOALI Maldives one of the few kosher resorts in the Maldives. Savour exceptional kosher food that is carefully prepared according to all the appropriate guidelines.




Our newly opened Kosher Kitchen offers international kosher cuisine, crafted with a variety of kosher-certified ingredients. All kosher rules are diligently implemented by our culinary team. Meat and dairy are appropriately separated, including preparation, cooking equipment and storage of ingredients. Kashering practices are also followed by all our chefs.



Kosher foods are foods that adhere to the comprehensive dietary regulations of kashrut (traditional Jewish dietary law). Kosher kitchens must adhere to numerous practices with regards to sourcing and storage, combining ingredients, preparing meals, and cleaning cooking equipment.

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JOALI Maldives now one of the few Kosher resort in the Maldives offering a Kosher Kitchen. A dedicated Kosher chef is also available for this kitchen.

Yes, JOALI Maldives has a well-equipped kitchen with kitchenwares solely used for the facility. These items are not used in other kitchen operation and outlets in the resort.

JOALI Maldives offers Kosher breakfast selections and ala-carte all day dining menus. You may find the dining menus here.

Custom menu is available, however, must be requested well in advance.

JOALI Maldives can pre-arrange dining options on request for Kids. You may find the Kosher kids menu here.

Yes, the Kosher menu will be available at all restaurants in JOALI Maldives. The service will be the same for non-Kosher guest but is customized as per guest request.

The Kosher meals at JOALI Maldives will be on ala carte basis and are mentioned from the menus.

The Kosher meals at JOALI Maldives are not included in the half board meal plan and is be fully chargeable. This is both for adult and kids options

Kosher items at JOALI Maldives' minibar are available and will be arranged upon guests' requests.