Rewriting Narrative Through Art

28th March to 7th April, 2024

This Easter, the first and only art-immersive resort in the Maldives, invites guests to experience the Joy of Empowering! JOALI Maldives is all set to host the premiere of TIGEREYES, an award-winning short film directed by Martina Trepczyk about Hamna ‘Hamty’ Husain.

Hamty is the first and only female Muslim scuba diver on a remote Maldivian island, where she dives regularly with the world’s most feared and misunderstood animal — the tiger shark! Hamty chooses to wear her hijab as a symbol of reclaiming her own narrative. She invites other women to join her in oceanic leadership while battling stigmas, both against sharks and against women.

To learn more, meet Martina and Hamty at JOALI Maldives on 30th March 2024. Both trailblazing women will share their perspectives on conservation, art and activism, followed by a screening of the film and Q&A session.

6:00 pm to 7:15 pm at JOALI Maldives | Cocktails at Mura,

Talk by Hamty, Talk by Martina, TIGEREYES screening, Q&A


JOALI BEING, the brand’s second island in the Raa Atoll, will also host an exclusive screening and discussion with Martina and Hamty on 31st March 2024.

6:00 pm to 7:15 pm at JOALI BEING | Cocktails at MOJO,

Talk by Hamty, Talk by Martina, TIGEREYES screening, Q&A

This very special Easter event is part of JOALI’s commitment to creating platforms for women’s empowerment. Inspired by the fiery female spirit and vision of Esin Güral Argat, JOALI’s founder and owner, one of the brand’s primary goals is to honour the economic and creative aspirations of women. As passionate supporters of female education and vocational training, their efforts are aimed at opening avenues of self-sufficiency and new opportunities for social entrepreneurship.


What do ethical underwater wildlife photography and conceptualised sensual art have in common?
For Martina Trepczyk, they speak the same language. Her collection unites these two seemingly different concepts into a stunning ensemble of fine art.


Have you ever witnessed the presence of a tiger shark under water?
Have you ever seen a woman rise after falling to speak her truth?
Have you ever seen an arched back carrying liberation instead of the weight of generations?

To engage with these fascinating questions and ideas, join us for the ‘In Our Hands’ exhibition.
30th March 2024: Exhibition at JOALI Maldives
31st March 2024: Exhibition at JOALI BEING


Martina Trepczyk is an award-winning filmmaker, photographer and artist.


Born to a Polish family from the Baltic Sea in snow-covered Salzburg, Martina feels most at home in the ocean. She captures cinematic ocean stories to foster meaningful connections between viewers and the environment. Her compositions also encompass politics and poetry.

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