Maldives Travel Tips & Guide in 2020

23 June 2020

Introducing the Maldives


Allow your senses to escape, along the enchanting shores of glistening turquoise waters and powdery white sand. Drift into a joyous world where beautiful scattered coral islands and sandbanks glow beneath nature’s golden rays—in a tropical oasis known as the Maldives.


Uncover the Perfect Moment to Leave the World Behind


Take a mindful pause to envisage when is the best time to visit the Maldives and capture the full essence of island life. Nestled close to the equator, bask in year round tropical temperatures with the warmth of the sun gently caressing your skin. Venture to the islands during the less crowded low season, typically from May to November to embrace a quieter life. Or delightfully soak up the dry pleasant air of the high season during the months of December to April when the islands emerge dazzling in the light. Let your joy take flight to JOALI Maldives, towards a luxurious retreat where art-immersive elegance awaits, every month of the year.


Wonderful Activities to Inspire and Relax


Begin your Maldivian story floating amongst colorful reefs alive with exquisite marine life, as you embark on breathtaking moments snorkeling and diving experiences high on the list of unforgettable things to do in the Maldives. Snorkel around unique house reefs and beautiful reef sites across the numerous atolls. Realize your dream of diving with whale sharks and mantas throughout the months of October and November when an abundance of plankton in the water draw these magnificent species. Explore a vibrant world under the sea with JOALI’s marine biologist enriching your Maldives snorkeling and diving adventures. Revel in exciting speed on water, sailing, water skiing, or in a speedboat—all waiting for you at JOALI.


Unwind after an adrenaline fuelled day with a restorative spa treatment in Maldives to indulge and pamper your mind and body. Find serenity by immersing into ESPA’s unique signature treatments at JOALI spa to rejuvenate your body’s vitality and vibrancy.


As the sky brightens beckoning another sun-kissed day, discover fascinating cultural insights on a curious excursion to a local island. Stumble upon time-honored traditions while connecting with local communities. Unearth historical chapters and marvel at the capital city of Malé, home to the Maldives’ National Museum showcasing a collection of intriguing artefacts tracing the island's unusual past.


On the other hand, tune into the echoes of waves gently lapping upon the shore and simply do nothing except sink your bare footsteps into the pristine soft white sand—inviting nature’s unrivalled beauty to touch your soul.


Unravel Your Blissful Encounter in the Maldives


Prepare to leave the world behind following these Maldives holiday tips and awaken in this lush land:


1.  Indulge Yourself

Surrender to your imaginable desires and complete your lavish escape. Recline in the bliss of luxurious sanctuaries furnished with breathtaking views and impeccable service. Take relaxation to new heights escaping into JOALI’s spacious family beach residences—round the clock butler service and personal driver ensures you and your family’s wishes are effortlessly met.


2. Journey to an Oasis


With islands scattered across a wide expanse from north to south, how to travel to the Maldives will be an incredible adventure as many islands are wonderfully secluded. Arrive by international flight into Malé International Airport, and from there transfer to your final haven via speedboat, domestic flight or seaplane. Descend upon JOALI’s beautiful remote Muravandhoo island after 40-minutes of spectacular heart pulsating seaplane amazement—entranced by the picture-perfect panoramic scene playing out across the archipelago below.


3. Tropical Uniqueness


Discover your favorite island alluring with its own exclusive geographical beauty, amenities and activities. Claim your piece of paradise where the whitest pristine sands call out or delight your taste buds with fine exquisite dining at divine restaurants. Spark your artistic joy at JOALI, where art-lovers take pleasure engaging with interactive events and workshops at the exclusive art studio. JOALI radiates with unique style as the only art-immersive hotel in the Maldives, charmingly infusing the island with interactive and experiential artistic pieces throughout.


4. Stylish Accommodation

A world of luxurious splendor awaits in the Maldives. Unwind in overwater bungalows, where your sun-kissed skin relaxes into private pools while gazing at the symphony of colors dazzling before you. Feel at home in beachfront villas with fine soft sand a few gentle steps away in perfect stretches of beach. Connect with your personal style and elate your luxuriating desires when dreaming of where to stay in the Maldives.


5. Delectable Dining


Resorts are wonderfully established on their own splendid island and dining experiences are exclusively prepared by each resort’s own restaurants. Delight in mouthwatering options throughout your stay. Savor seafood-centric traditional Maldivian cuisine and relish freshly caught local fish and seafood. Imagine romantic picnics on a private sandbank exclusively for you and your loved one. Ignite passions discovering personalized culinary experiences at JOALI Maldives. Master and enjoy delicious meals in the surroundings of a professional kitchen at Her Kitchen, one of the fine selection of restaurants and bars on the island to whet your appetite.


The tranquil beauty of the Maldives is on the horizon. Hear the calling of nature’s serenity and find yourself at the heart of paradise on your next joyful adventure.