Maldives Reopening: Travel Tips You Must Keep In Mind Before You Plan A Trip

10 August 2020

Discover the carefree joy of a long-awaited escape to Maldives, as a wave of tranquil calm gently caresses your soul the moment your feet touch the soft island sand. Surrounded by an uplifting breeze and a soothing panorama of ocean blue, you get the feeling this is where you truly belong. Is a holiday like this something you dream of? With Maldives reopening on July 15, 2020 for tourism after border closures in March, your dream can once again become reality. Whether your intention is to jet over as soon as possible or plan a Maldives holiday in 2021, here are some travel tips to keep in mind as you seek to explore the splendor of island living.




The question of when will quarantine end has probably crossed your mind ever since restrictions were imposed around the world due to the pandemic. When will it be safe to travel again? When can you book your next holiday? The answers to all these questions differ from country to country—and ensuring you have all the necessary and accurate information from your point of departure to Maldives and vice versa is a crucial step not to be missed.


Before traveling out of your country, make sure you have checked all relevant health advisories upon arrival and departure. Maldives Immigration requires all travelers traveling to Maldives to submit a self-declarative health declaration within 24 hours prior to your departure to Maldives. While Covid-19 testing is not mandatory for non-symptomatic tourists entering Maldives, voluntary testing services for tourists in regional health centers and hospitals in Malé are available for those who require test results as an entry requirement to their country of origin, or any other destination with the requirement.



Following the reopening of Maldivian borders on July 15, the dates at which individual resorts open are staggered. Although, a majority of the 157 resorts in the country will resume operations before the end of 2020. Joali Maldives opens on August 1, 2020, and welcomes you back to its haven of pristine white-sand beaches and brilliant blue waters on Muravandhoo Island in the Raa Atoll. During this period of uncertainty in the world, embrace a time of healing at the resort’s 73 elegant beach and water villas where magical experiences await you day and night—with enhanced health and safety standards implemented in line with guidance from the World Health Organization and local authorities.




While the Maldivian authorities have came up with a solution to alleviate the drudge of being quarantined at a government designated facility or city hotel, it will require you to choose your luxury resort wisely, as your entire trip must be booked at one registered establishment—with exemptions made for transit arrangements. Comprised of 26 atolls filled with over 1,000 islands, the 90,000 square kilometers Maldives boasts is arguably tailor-made for such an approach.


Joali Maldives offers an exciting lineup of offerings if you are looking for an escape with unadulterated luxury and beauty. For nature and sports lovers, the resort’s marine biology and water sports team is ever ready to provide you with a learning experience about their coral nursery, an exploration on a turtle quest, or an underwater adventure with some scuba diving. The Spa by ESPA and a world-class fitness center with expert trainers are also on hand to ensure your wellness journey is well taken care of. If you prefer to feed your senses, innovative dining concepts that include Japanese restaurant Saoke, a personalized dining and cooking school, as well numerous destination dining experiences await your tastebuds.



While planning your experience, it is also important to fully understand your resort’s cancelation policy. In the instance where the situation in your country of departure takes an unexpected turn, your travel plans will hinge on the flexibility to amend your booking. At Joali Maldives, guests with travel dates up until December 21, 2020 are allowed to cancel bookings without charge up until 7 days prior to arrival. New or existing bookings confirmed on or before August 31 for travel dates until June 30, 2021 can be amended or canceled without charge up until 7 days before the arrival date (excluding 22 december 2020 - 8 january). Being able to book with confidence knowing there’s flexibility in place for you can provide the peace of mind you seek—so be sure to confirm such details prior to your trip.



Now that you have arrival and departure details along with resort opening dates and itineraries covered, the next item you will want to consider is travel insurance. With the disruption caused by Covid-19 to the travel industry, many are now relooking into the intricacies of travel insurance and the exact kind of coverage it actually provides. Take a deep dive into the fine print of your travel insurance policy prior to your flight to ensure that you are appropriately covered should an unexpected disruption arise due to world events or other unforeseen circumstances. Should an emergency happen, you would want to be adequately equipped to handle the situation with various means at your disposal. The right travel insurance coverage guarantees that.


Bearing in mind the right travel considerations, you can now plan your trip to Maldives with its reopening in place as you discover the joy of island living and a restful peace of mind.

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