Joy of Living at Home - From house to home

22 June 2020

The time is perfect for creating a bit of fine art for your home! Focusing on the space around, will make you more conscious of how it can best frame your current lifestyle.


Take your time and go through these 10 easy design tips and boost your home's interior design.


  1. Mix and match materials and add texture
  2. Rays of light everywhere – be sure to light coming from multiple sources
  3. Make a statement with bold accessories
  4. Start with a simple base – white or beige for walls
  5. Measure twice, buy once – pay close attention to the size of furniture pieces in relation to the room
  6. Don’t forgo function – opt for items that offer form and function
  7. Seek symmetry – there should always be a hierarchy of elements within the space
  8. Invest in pieces you love – If the item really resonated with your sense of style, then you will always have a place for it, regardless of the trends
  9. Instant ‘Wow’ factor – Always look to enhance a space’s natural atmosphere
  10. Defy the rules – The rules about scale will always apply, afterwards, you can go ahead and follow your intuition

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