Joy of Living at Home - 4 wellness tips in order to feel your best

28 April 2020

Try these tips to boost your mood and your health. You are sure to see an improvement on your physical and mental health, as well an increase in your energy level so to make you feel at your best each day.


1. A breath of fresh air – whether it’s a garden, balcony or even a smaller winder, feeling the air on your skin helps clear your mind and brings a smile to your face
2. Remember to breathe – it might sounds silly, however focusing on your breathing is a really important strategy in terms of mental and physical wellbeing. When you start to feel stressed, take a deep breathe in though your nose and exhale through your mouth, allowing the break to reach down to your diaphragm
3. Reiki Principles to live by:
Just for Today, I will not worry, get angry
Just for Today, I will work honestly
Be graceful
Be kind to all living things
4. Make aromatherapy part of your day – When it comes to scent and the way this affects your moods, scent has very powerful qualities. For a more peaceful sleep, a small phial of lavender oil on your pillow will do wonders.