Game, Set, Padel!

15 November 2022

Discover the exhilarating pleasures of padel at JOALI Maldives, where epic adventure meets inspiring indulgence.

A brand-new padel court now awaits guests at our luxurious island playground. Padel is an innovative racquet sport that combines the best elements of tennis and squash. It is wonderfully easy to learn: most players pick up the basics within the first half-hour of play!

This fun and interactive game is usually played in doubles on an enclosed court that is one-third the size of a tennis court. The ball bounces off the surrounding walls during play, adding an exciting dimension to the sport.


Padel with a view

JOALI Maldives inaugurated its padel court on 15th November 2022, in celebration of its four-year anniversary. Our stunning outdoor court is surrounded by metallic-mesh walls that overlook lush coconut palms and tropical vegetation. Can you think of a more joyful place to play?

Anyone can Win

Unlike tennis, padel is not dominated by strength, technique and serve – which makes it ideal for people of different genders and age-groups to compete together. Match-craft is an important skill, as points are won by strategy rather than by sheer power.

This exhilarating sport is suitable for all skill levels, which is why we highly recommend it for couples, families and friends travelling together. Padel offers a great way to get active and enjoy a thrilling competition that anyone might win!


Learn with JOALI

Embark on an epic padel adventure at JOALI Maldives. Guests can use the resort court on a complimentary basis during their stay, or sign up for private classes or sparring sessions with our expert Padel Instructor Shamaam Shaheen.

Hailing from the Maldives, Shamaam has several years of experience as a Tennis Coach, along with specialisations in Padel and Badminton (among other things). He will be happy to teach you the basics, or help you master key techniques to take your game to the next level.


Are you ready for the challenge?

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