27 February 2023

Helping guests discover joy through transformational experiences 


JOALI BEING is welcoming expert visiting practitioners throughout 2023 to enable guests to take their wellbeing journeys to a new level, bringing them closer to experiencing the joy of weightlessness. Beginning in January, guests at JOALI BEING will be able to immerse themselves in transformative sessions with experts in transformative healing, natural healing, Watsu, awareness, sound healing and more, all performed in the inspiring setting of this magical Maldivian island. 

Transformative Healing with Javier De Prado Lizano
1st January to 10th April 2023 and 24th November 2023 to 1st March 2024 


A master of craniosacral and Watsu therapies, as well as visceral manipulation and Osteothai techniques, Javier De Prado Lizano will be inviting guests to experience a seamless merging of Eastern and Western healing traditions. Based on De Prado Lizano’s extensive travels and studies with therapeutic masters from diverse cultures, these sessions will support guests on their journeys to transformation from within, creating a state of comprehensive wellbeing. Transformative healing experiences available with De Prado Lizano include craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation, Osteothai sessions, and Watsu/aqua-cranio/liquid flow. 



Natural Healing with Alexandra Demolling
1st January to 15th April, 2023 and 15th December, 2023 to 18th March, 2024 



An experienced naturopath and iridologist, Demolling will guide guests on a holistic pathway to mind and body balance using herbal and vibrational remedies to treat issues such as stress, inflammation and food intolerances. Her sessions help guests discover more authentic and purposeful versions of themselves, and are based on Demolling’s extensive experience and studies at the School of Italian Holistic Medicine in Milan. Take the opportunity to experience natural healing with Demolling’s Bach floral consultations, human design readings and iridology readings with naturopathic advice during her time on the island. 



Freeing the Body and Mind in Water with Toru Ogasawara
1st February to 15th March  



Watsu is a transformative aquatic bodywork technique including guided stretching, massage and movement that would be impossible on land. These sessions offered by Toru Ogasawara, Senior Watsu Instructor certified by the Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association, CEO and Executive Instructor of Okinawa Watsu Center, will help to improve muscle tone, range of motion, overall alignment, quality of breath, sleeping pattern and balancing overall circulation and heart rate by supporting the body in water. Float away with 60- and 90-minute Watsu treatments during Ogasawara’s residency at JOALI BEING for a true sensation of feeling the mind and body being freed. 



Neuroscientist in Residence Dr. Tara Swart Bieber
2nd April to 17th April



Dr. Tara Swart Bieber is a globally renowned PhD neuroscientist, Oxford University-trained medical doctor, professor at MIT Sloan, executive advisor and bestselling author on science and spirituality. Her main areas of research are neuroplasticity (the ability of the brain to change at any age), the gut-brain axis, psych-dermatology (the relationship between mental health and skin), and brain optimisation. During her time at JOALI BEING, Swart Bieber invites guests to maximise their stays by embarking on immersive experiences that will ready them to better re-engage with their everyday lives with renewed resilience, able to make better decisions and to think more clearly. Find personal clarity through a range of experiences, including individual executive coaching, reinvention based on neuroplasticity, individual wellbeing consultations, and group guided meditations, focusing on either nervous system resetting or cognitive enhancement. 



The WiseMotion Method with Dr. Hanna Poikonen
17th April to 31st May 



Neurologist, dancer and movement specialist Dr. Hanna Poikonen holds a doctoral degree in the neuroscience of movement, dance and music from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Helsinki in Finland. Through her learnings in science, as well as her experience of studying contemporary dance, martial arts and meditation, Poikonen has developed the WiseMotion method to improve physical abilities, self-awareness and social bonding through movement and neuroscience. Workshops and masterclasses with Poikonen include individual and group retreats, outdoor calm and aware movement meditation sessions, weightlessness through dance sessions, WiseMotion masterclasses covering brain health, high performance and stress management, and a range of individual sessions for brain health and more. 



Technogym Master Trainer in Residence Andrea Stuto
1st  to 25th June  


Andrea is a former professional beach tennis athlete; he achieved an impressive ranking of #9 on the ITF (International Tennis Federation) circuit. Currently, he serves as a Coaches Educator for BTS Beach Tennis School, imparting his extensive knowledge and expertise to aspiring coaches. Furthermore, Andrea holds the esteemed position of Head Strength Coach for BTS Beach Tennis School on a global scale, where he develops and implements strength training programs for beach tennis athletes. He also serves as the Head Coach for Beach Box Camp (@beachboxcamp), guiding individuals through specialised training sessions. With his versatile skill set, Andrea extends his coaching abilities to professional beach volleyball and beach tennis players as a Strength Coach. His wealth of experience makes him well-equipped to thrive in international events, whether they are focused on education, wellness, or sports-related activities. Andrea's dedication and proficiency in these areas contribute to his outstanding reputation in the field. 



Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner Dr. Rachel Woo
12th November to 31st January



Dr. Rachel Woo is a highly experienced Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner specialising in Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, and TCM Nutrition. With over a decade of practice in private clinics, she has also conducted workshops internationally, training medical staff and professionals in scalp acupuncture. Dr. Rachel has a background in supervising clinical roles and has volunteered with the Acupuncture Relief Project, providing free healthcare in Nepal's rural villages. Combining ancient natural therapies with a Masters in Brain and Mind Sciences, Dr. Rachel takes an integrated and holistic approach to address physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Her areas of expertise include mental health, stress management, women's health, cosmetic rejuvenation, digestive health, musculoskeletal health, and chronic pain management. 

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