22 July 2023

Curated transformative wellbeing menu includes handpicked experts fusing ancient Eastern and modern Western philosophies 


On the pristine isle of Bodufushi in Raa atoll, JOALI BEING- the first wellbeing island of its kind in the Maldives – has announced its programming for guests with focus on immersive wellbeing experiences curated by ‘Master Practitioners’ offering guests unrivalled expertise with personalised and results-driven transformative wellbeing menus to renew, uplift and inspire. Running from June to December early 2024, the menu presents a hybrid of healing and restorative practices alongside alternative methods of therapy, such as Holographic Memory Resolution and heart-centred wellbeing methodology, to name a few.  

edefining the meaning of wellbeing getaways, experts will work alongside JOALI BEING’s long-established network of specialists within its unique transformative spaces - including hydrotherapy, movement and sound healing treatments - to nourish guests and give them a new sense of ‘weightlessness’.  


In keeping with JOALI BEING’s core methodology, the programme aims to fuse ancient Eastern and Western modern philosophies bringing leaders in alternative wellbeing practices to the destination.  


The curated programme includes: 


12 – 25 June –

  • Andrea Stuto is JOALI BEING’S Master Trainer in Residence - and former professional beach tennis player and World Ranking No. 9 - will on hand to offer a full fitness screening, performance training and sports conditioning.  
  • Using the heart-centred wellbeing methodology, focused on mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, Rajesh Ramani and Smitha Jayakumar will help connect guests to their true potential through meditation, one-to-one mentoring and mind training sessions from 15 July to 14 August.
  • Unlock Your Inner Power (19 August – 12 September) with Belinda Matwali through a remarkable blend of astrology, electronic music meditation and trauma informed spiritual mentoring. With 12 years of extensive training in meditation and trauma-informed training, she will help you elevate your emotional and spiritual wellbeing. 
  • Holographic Memory Resolution® (2 – 29 October) will be led by Dr Rachel Maurice – a former anaesthesiologist – and will be giving guests effective and personalised tools and methods for powerful self-healing. Workshops include Luminous self-healing sessions and self-sabotage coaching. 
  • Healing through Traditional Chinese Medicine (1 November – 31 January 2024) will be led by Dr Rachel Woo – a highly skilled Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner with a Masters in Brain and Mind Sciences. During this period, guests will have the opportunity to receive personalised TCM consultations, as well as acupuncture and cupping treatments, under Dr. Woo's expert care. 
  • Sound Healing with Aurelio Hammer (3 – 30 November) - embark on a resonant journey with sound designer, healer and educator, Aurelio, a pioneer in development and manufacture of innovative musical instruments specialising in sound healing. 
  • Transformative Healing with Javier de Prado (23 November to 1 March 2024) – embark on a transformative journey with Javier de Prado where the realms of Eastern and Western healing traditions converge. Recognised as a master of craniosacral and Watsu therapy, visceral manipulation, and Osteothai, Javier de Prado presents a harmonious blend of massage techniques that go beyond the surface, aiming to instigate profound transformations from within. 
  • Elevate Your Life (4 December - 4 January 2024) will see expert Sandro Thiara Mota bring his pioneering Mota Method to JOALI BEING. Using a combination of breathwork and high-performance fitness training offerings also include water nervous system resetting (Janzu), energy activation and breathwork and ice bath, water rebirthing plus stress management and the option to book a separate five-day programme with Mato.


At the heart of JOALI BEING is modern science and long-honoured traditions aimed at guiding guests on a journey of self-discovery and renewal. A dedicated expert team of naturopaths, therapists and movement experts aims to work with guests every step of the way to help set intentions, nurture and co-create moments of ‘wonder and transcendence.’ 


The Four Pillars of JOALI BEING includes:  

  • MIND: Cultivate contentment and peace of mind through sound therapy and mind and body practices 
  • SKIN: Illuminate the skin with rejuvenating therapies that draw equally from timeless rituals and the world’s most advanced research 
  • MICROBIOME: Form a deeper understand of the connection between body, mind and nutrition while building eating habits around the body’s circadian rhythm 
  • ENERGY: Rebalance the nervous system and optimise energy flow through intelligent movement practices and restorative therapies 


JOALI BEING further offers wellbeing programmes ranging from five nights to three weeks designed around its key pillars curated for each guest and their needs through Intelligent Movement Analysis and Integrative Health Assessment. These can also be tailored towards areas of strength and vitality; mental clarity and wellbeing, hormonal balance, women’s health, digestive and weight rebalance, restorative sleep as well as movement and alignment for good health and immunity.  


The sanctum includes 39 elevated treatment rooms including Areka – home to scientific therapies and diagnostic services, learning programs and alternative healing treatments plus fitness facilities; CORE – dedicated to movement specialists and further training rooms, a multipurpose studio and diagnostic room and Ocean Sala; a Hydrotherapy Hall, KAASHI, with focus on traditional healing through water including Banya inspired by Russian Banya and a Turkish Hammam; SEDA – the Sound Therapy Hall and the Discovery Sound Path spaces fuse music and vibrations. AKTAR – the on-site herbology centre allows JOALI BEING'S herbologist to create natural remedies, spices and essential oils for guests to enjoy. It also houses a library and hosts interactive workshops educating guests who wish to take part on the benefits of herbal teas plus learn how to make natural body creams, face masks and massage oils.  

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