JOALI BEING Introduces Multi-Generational Playground to Enrich Wellbeing Vacations for Families

5 December 2023

Now open for all ages throughout the year, JOALI BEING continues to expand experiences for sojourners. Focusing on the vital importance of early-stage learning and wellbeing, the retreat’s expert team will introduce B’Kidult on 15th December 2023, a new zone for multi-generational play with specially curated offerings to inspire young hearts and minds.

Early Learning & Wellbeing


A child’s early years lay the foundation for the rest of their life. Childhood learning and wellbeing have a direct and enduring impact on the future, including educational attainments, career path, financial status, all-round health and civic engagement. Interwoven with the beauty and abundance of nature, the new zone at JOALI BEING showcases the incredible possibilities of playtime for learning and wellbeing. Experiences are deftly designed around the Four Pillars — the resort’s unique approach to holistic wellbeing.


B’KIDULT: A Multi-Generational Playground

Playtime at B’Kidult brings different generations together through purposeful, meaningful and enjoyable activities. Besides being great fun, multi-generational play has been shown to have numerous physical and mental health benefits for adults and children alike. Both kids and adults are invited to rediscover the joy and wonder of playtime. As the tagline goes: “Be a kid again at B’Kidult!”


Guests can explore an array of thoughtfully crafted experiences to bolster health, impart new skills and nurture connections. The Four Pillars of JOALI BEING: Mind, Skin, Microbiome and Energy are brought to life through experiential learning and active engagement.


Offerings at B’Kidult include sensory playgrounds, mud kitchens, contemporary rooms, and a well-equipped professional kitchen for little chefs. Guests of all ages can also participate in a range of wellbeing workshops and learning sessions, from making natural self-care products with resident herbalists to exploring the power of sound healing guided by experienced sound practitioners.


Making the most of its remote tropical island setting, B’Kidult weaves elements of nature into each space and activity, awakening the senses and fostering a closer relationship with the earth. From crystalline waters and warm sunshine to soft sands and lush palms, nature’s sensory gifts set the stage for a memorable family journey that unites discovery, learning and wellbeing.


Launch Date: 15th December 2023
Private Beach
Private Forest
Age 0+
Nanny Service

Be Healthy, Be Active and Be Joyful!
Be a Kid Again at B’Kidult!

Children of all ages are welcome at JOALI BEING.


NEW Additional Developments.

  • Second Watsu Room - Launch date: 15th of January 2024
  • New Wine Cellar – Launch date 15th of Dec – Great for Wine Tasting experience with our experienced sommeliers
  • Full Alcohol Menu available throughout all outlets
  • New Japanese Menu by Yamamoto at MOJO Restaurant
  • New Combined Unit - Four Bedroom Beach Villa ready for bookings
  • JOALI BEING Cure – New Spa Brand will be launched on 10th of December at JOALI Maldives.
  • Olive Ridley Rehabilitations Tanks ready for potential Turtle and Ray Patients


JOALI BEING Introduces a New Spa Brand
10th December 2023, R. Bodufushi: JOALI BEING introduces a new spa brand, with JOALI Maldives as the first resort spa to adopt the brand. The newly launched brand, JOALI BEING Cure, will bring the award-winning “weightlessness” philosophy of the first wellbeing island in the Maldives, offering its expert service and curated line of products.


The new spa experience is a taster of JOALI BEING, designed around the signature Four Pillars: Mind, Skin, Microbiome and Energy. From oils blended from the Herbology Centre of JOALI BEING to signature massages and specialised treatments and JOALI BEING’s network of visiting experts, the spa experience at JOALI Maldives will be enhanced through this.


With the introduction of the programme, the spa at JOALI Maldives will be rebranded as JOALI BEING Cure. A completely exclusive and unique line of amenities will be introduced under the brand name, and treatments will include elements of the experiences at JOALI BEING. The line is crafted with meticulous attention to detail and infused with the finest natural ingredients and is set to give a glimpse into the wellness programmes at JOALI BEING. Guests at JOALI Maldives will now have the unique opportunity to experience the concept of JOALI BEING.