Women’s Health: Balance your life, balance your hormones

25 March 2023

When women take care of their own health, they become their best friend.” ~ Maya Angelou


Energy imbalances, skin disruptions, weight gain and sleepless nights are all signs that our hormones are out of harmony, tipped to one side or another. Realising this, we seek to balance our hormones – but what if that isn’t all that needs balancing?


Guided by biorhythms, our hormones change in response to the context of our lives, thoughts, emotions and actions – what we are doing, how we are doing it, and how we are feeling while doing it. To put it another way, our biology is greatly impacted by our mindset, habits and thought patterns. Hence, by changing the way we think and live, we can influence our hormones.

Wellbeing for Women at JOALI BEING

As human beings, we have an inherent need to live a life of harmony and balance – this is the cornerstone of all ancient systems of medicine and Wellbeing. Based on this concept, JOALI BEING invites women to look at the substance of their lives, as this is what creates their hormonal makeup at any given time.


On our Island of Wellbeing, you will find many inspiring pathways to revitalisation, wonder and joy. Discover ways to renew yourself and create the resilience you need to navigate the challenges and pressures of modern life.


Rejuvenate deeply with our hydrotherapies and inner peace rituals, and restore your microbiome health with a synergistic blend of detoxifying treatments and nourishing cuisine. Counterbalance the damage done by stress with skin and scalp therapies, while strengthening and aligning your body with mindful movement routines. Our creative artistic and culinary classes offer a chance to reconnect with your inner child.

JOALI BEING - CORE Activities Balance Ball

Women’s Health Wellbeing Programme

Attentively curated to meet the needs of the modern woman, this programme takes you on a holistic journey to revitalise both inner and outer wellbeing. Experience a blend of ancient wisdom and advanced science through hair and body treatments, facial rituals, culinary workshops and creative experiences.


Women’s bodies undergo unique changes at every stage of life. This retreat is especially designed to help you restore balance by nurturing hormone health, facilitating mental wellbeing, and supporting youthfulness.


The journey begins with a personalised consultation and assessment to help our wellbeing team understand your lifestyle and identify your unique needs. We also analyse your skin, scalp and hair health – this will be the foundation for your personal skincare and haircare routine.


Over the course of your stay, you will experience signature treatments such as a Mind Therapy massage, an age-defying facial of your choice, a tailored scalp detox, an Ayurvedic massage, water-based wellbeing rituals, and cryotherapy. Interactive learning sessions help you build healthy habits, while art sessions and tea tastings nurture your soul.


Here in the healing embrace of nature, we invite you to discover the Joy of Weightlessness – a feeling of freedom, lightness and wonder at the heart of JOALI BEING.

JOALI BEING - Watsu Pool

A Space for Transformation

Nestled on a secluded island surrounded by crystalline lagoons, pristine beaches and lush coconut palms, our serene sanctuary is a home away from home. Here, you will find all the space and support you need to start your inner journey of transcendence.


Take a glance at JOALI Being's Women's Heatlh Wellbeing Programme.