Wellbeing Turns One: Joali Being Anniversary Day

Celebrate every achievement, appreciate each milestone.

As JOALI BEING turned ONE, we embarked on a day-long journey filled with transformative possibilities – from movement and mindfulness, to learning and nourishment.


Where Wishes Come True…


The keynote of our first anniversary celebration was Manifestation – using the power of intention and thought to attract good things into your life.


When you think aspirational thoughts, you radiate a positive energy, which in turn attracts good fortune towards you. To put it another way: the more positive energy you put out into the universe, the more positive energy you get back!


Wishes have the power to shape our reality – and this was the guiding message behind our beautiful new tradition, which we hope will carry on for years to come.


Our guests started the day by writing down their most cherished desire on a Wish Card, then tying it to the island’s Wishing Tree. At the end of the day, everyone took their Wish Cards and tossed them into the crackling bonfire, as part of our Sunset Gathering Ceremony.


Island-Wide Celebrations


Being the first wellbeing retreat in the Maldives, JOALI BEING honoured this special occasion in a variety of meaningful ways. From dawn to dusk, we hosted special experiences to ignite and uplift the mind, strengthen and motivate the body, and nurture and inspire the spirit.


Our community of sojourners soaked in the island’s vital energy on an exhilarating run, encountered majestic mantas in their natural habitat, and planted coral species to protect our reef. Moments of transcendence shone brightly, such as the exquisite tea tasting ceremony and the meditative sound bath ritual.


Learning, too, was a vital part of the celebrations – from a culinary session focused on gut health, to a perfume-making workshop at the AKTAR, our herbology centre.


The day concluded with a nourishing barbeque feast, filled with the bounty of land and sea. Guests savoured the Earth-to-Table cuisine at a shared table, with their toes in the sand and a canopy of stars overhead.


A Promise of Wellbeing and Wonder


As JOALI BEING begins its second year, we recommit to the retreat’s incredible founding vision. Here, wellbeing is a way of life, of being. We believe in savouring the joy of here and now. In setting our intention and nurturing with empathy. In co-creating moments of wonder and transcendence.


Join us for transformative journeys in one of the most spectacular places on the planet. Home to 68 villas with private pools and signature wellbeing amenities, our luxury retreat invites you to experience weightlessness – a feeling of freedom, lightness and joy.

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