JOALI BEING Couples Retreat

You, Me and Infinity:

Weightless in Love

In the busy-ness of daily life — work, household, hobbies, family, friends — quality time with your beloved can sometimes take a backseat. Getting away from it all, at least for a little while, gives you the opportunity to reconnect and rediscover the joy of spending time together.


A couple’s retreat at JOALI BEING goes beyond date nights and couple’s massages. Here on our wellbeing island, far removed from the outside world, we redefine and expand the idea of romance. Partners are invited to embark on a journey together to find the Joy of Weightlessness — a feeling of freedom, lightness and wonder.


On this sojourn tailored for two, couples will come across several opportunities to communicate openly with each other, share magical moments, restore individual differences, and reflect on their relationship together.


The Four Pillars for Love


JOALI BEING’s unique wellbeing philosophy is designed around the Four Pillars: Mind, Skin, Microbiome and Energy. These Four Pillars also offer a wonderful approach to nurture your relationship and strengthen intimacy.


  • Mind. Embracing mindfulness in relationships means becoming an active listener, recognising differences of opinion, resolving conflict in a healthy way, and taking decisions that are mutually rewarding.
  • Microbiome. Gut health influences your hormones, immune system and brain chemicals. Optimising the gut microbiome can indirectly help a couple by regulating mood, improving sleep, boosting vitality and supporting overall wellbeing.
  • Energy. Renewing your reserves of physical, mental and emotional energy makes you and your partner feel good! It also allows your relationship to flourish beyond surface-level compatibility.
  • Skin. Reawakening the natural vitality of skin and hair instils self-confidence, which in turn promotes emotional stability — good for you, and good for your relationship.


Wellbeing Escape


Couples at JOALI BEING can deepen their precious connection with a variety of shared experiences, ranging from the meditative to the exhilarating. These are our top five recommendations:

  • Wellbeing Together. A beautiful new chapter in your tale of love. Share transformative Maldives wellbeing experiences in our secluded Ocean Sala, complete with a private sauna and endless ocean views. Enjoy your choice of 90-minute treatment (Four Pillars Massage or Skin/Energy/Microbiome Therapy), along with healthy treats and private relaxation time.
  • Couple’s Watsu. A gentle hydro-treatment for couples to relax deeply together through a blend of massage, acupressure, shiatsu and stretching.
  • Couple’s Hammam. A timeless water ritual for inner calm and strength, including a purifying full-body scrub, cleansing soap bag massage, replenishing body mask, and relaxing scalp and foot treatments.
  • Culinary & Creative Workshops. A chance to revel in the joy of learning new things together. Master fascinating techniques like fermentation and happy-hormone cooking, or ignite your soul-bond through artistic exploration.
  • Fitness & Yoga. Movement sessions to ignite your energy and flow in sync. Work up a healthy glow with HIIT and Pilates workouts, or rebalance and harmonise through yoga.


Weightless Together


Finding the Joy of Weightlessness as a couple offers a beautiful way to rekindle your relationship. Here, in the calm and grounded environment of JOALI BEING, partners can embark on a meaningful journey of discovery, compassion and mindfulness.


This safe, transformative space allows you to explore and invest in your relationship as you connect at multiple levels — physical, mental and spiritual. Immersed in nature, our multisensorial experiences allow couples to deepen their bond and revitalise their relationship.


The wonder of weightlessness awaits — will you share it with your favourite person in the world?