JOALI BEING - Art Of Fermentation

The Art and Science of Fermentation

Most food and beverage fermentation processes can be traced back to the dawn of human history. These ancient preservation rituals have been practiced, perfected and passed down through countless generations.


Over the centuries, numerous community rituals, feasts and celebrations have been organised around products of fermentation: think bread, wine and pickles. In addition, ferments are among the most important foods that add both value and stability to raw agricultural produce.


At its core, fermentation is a natural phenomenon, one that is much broader than human culinary pursuits. In the words of molecular biologists Jian Xu and Jeffrey Gordon: “Coevolved symbiotic relationships between bacteria and multicellular organisms are a prominent feature of life on Earth.”


Today, as people increasingly seek foods to nourish their microbiome, the time-honoured techniques of fermentation are coming back into vogue.


Fermentation is the transformation of food through various bacteria, fungi and enzymes. Consuming fermented foods feeds the good bacteria in your gut, which in turn helps to maintain a stable and healthy digestive system. Some studies suggest that people with gluten intolerance can safely consume naturally fermented bread.


Fermentation increases the availability of vitamins and minerals for your body to absorb. It improves the gut’s microbiome diversity, enhances metabolism, and helps in nutrient synthesis to boost immunity and nourish brain function.


Recent research has also demonstrated that healthy microbiota can have a positive impact on the immune system and increase the body’s ability to fight invading pathogens.


Fermentation as a source of flavour enhancement is perhaps most pronounced in the realm of condiments. What’s special about condiments is that they make staple foods very exciting. For example, sauerkraut, tzatziki, kimchi and dried miso powder to name a few…


At JOALI BEING, fermented foods and beverages form an integral part of our culinary offering, drawing inspiration from around the world.


Our lacto-fermented vegetables, produced by anaerobic fermentation, have a briny taste and help to nurture and balance your microbiome. You can also enjoy our homemade sourdough bread. During the bread-making process, the yeast begins respiring aerobically, which helps the dough rise and ferment.


Also on the menu are prebiotics and probiotics – excellent for natural detoxification, and a great way to nutritionally enhance your meals. Last but not least, guests at our island retreat can explore a range of kombuchas. Sip these nourishing beverages between refreshing dips in your private pool, after meditating in your luxury wellbeing villa, or as a healthy treat after completing one of our learning workshops.