Once Upon a Glow:

A Skincare Story

In its truest form, Skin health goes much deeper than the surface.


Skin is the largest organ in the body. Being the first line of defence, it acts as a barrier between the harsh external world and your delicate internal system. Moreover, it helps to regulate body temperature, enable vitamin production, and support sensory experience.


Perhaps most importantly, your Skin is a mirror of your overall state of wellbeing. Treating just the Skin may result in temporary “band-aid” fixes, but for long-lasting improvements you will need to address the health of your entire being.

The Skin Pillar

Skin is one of the Four Pillars of JOALI BEING, our unique wellbeing approach. Using this holistic framework, our expert team guides guests towards the Joy of Weightlessness — a feeling of freedom, lightness and wonder.


Unfortunately, many people think of Skin health in a very superficial way, without understanding its close connection with inner wellness. Skin is the body’s primary protective organ. By improving its strength and resiliency, you can better protect yourself against external disruptors like pollution, extreme weather and infections.


Like the gut, Skin also has its own microbiome, made up of millions of microorganisms. By renewing the health of the Skin microbiome, you can nurture your body, restore natural beauty and reverse ageing. Getting that inside-out glow goes a long way towards boosting self-esteem and supporting mental wellness.


Skin Indulgence at JOALI BEING

Here at our wellbeing island, you can nourish and illuminate your Skin with rejuvenating therapies that draw equally from age-old rituals and cutting-edge labs.


Explore JOALI BEING’s top five treatments to reset and revitalise Skin health:

  • Skin Analysis with Facial & Micro-needling. Being aware of your Skin’s unique qualities is the first step to creating an effective treatment plan. At JOALI BEING, our ultra-advanced skin scanner analyses various aspects: pigmentation, sensitivity, oiliness, wrinkles, capillaries, pores and so on. After the assessment, experience an advanced facial personalised to your Skin, followed by micro-needling to optimise the flow of Qi (vital energy).
  • Hammam. Treat yourself to a timeless cleansing ritual, passed down through centuries. The gentle heat of our Hammam softens the Skin and relaxes the muscles, preparing your body for purification. The full-body scrub uses ingredients like magnesium, mineral salts and seaweed oil, followed by a soap bag massage and magnesium-replenishing body mask.
  • Chin Nei Tsang. Discover the powerful benefits of this centuries-old healing therapy, which “trains” your organs to work more efficiently and regulate the flow of Qi (vital energy). As internal imbalances are corrected, your Skin lights up with a new radiance from within.
  • Skin Therapy. Awaken the Skin’s natural detoxification system with dry-brush exfoliation, which stimulates the lymphatic system and gently eliminates impurities. You are now ready for your contouring massage, focused on toning cellulite-prone areas. The AKTAR’s nurturing immortelle essential oil blend leaves Skin nourished, energised and glowing.
  • Aufguss & Banya. Embark on multi-sensory skin sojourns in inspirational spaces. Our Aufguss Sauna Ritual is a hypnotic symphony of heat, oils, fanning and music. Enriched with essential oils, snowballs placed on hot stones enhance the benefits of traditional vaporisation. Over at the Banya, immerse in an age-old bathing ritual, prized for its therapeutic benefits. Heat and steam detoxify your pores, while the venik (natural bath brooms) release oils that soothe and invigorate the skin. Emerge feeling clean, calm and energised.


Skin Wellbeing is a Path to Weightlessness

Bringing together ancient wisdom and modern science, our skincare therapies open a doorway to the Joy of Weightlessness. The treatments mentioned above help Skin breathe better by exfoliating it, re-establishing its microbiome, and allowing it to better absorb and assimilate nutrients.


Treatments under the Skin Pillar also work to slow down the ageing process by reducing wrinkles, erasing fine lines and promoting collagen synthesis — all of which reawaken self-confidence and joy, leading to a sense of weightlessness.

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