Feed Your Microbiome: Nurturing the Garden in Your Gut

Have you heard the saying “you are what you eat”?


This age-old piece of wisdom also applies to the Microbiome, one of the Four Pillars of JOALI BEING.

Millions of tiny bacteria live in your gut, where they carry out important functions like digestion, nutrient absorption and immunity building. When you feed your gut with the right nutrients, it becomes healthy and flourishes, extending a positive influence throughout the body.

The core of wellbeing


Here at JOALI BEING, we recognise the gut Microbiome as the core of wellbeing due to its huge impact on the other pillars, namely Mind, Skin and Energy.


In other words, looking after your Microbiome is absolutely crucial. Your overall health depends on how well you are able to nurture, heal and balance the teeming millions in your gut.



An invisible garden


Imagine your gut as a garden. To keep this garden in good shape, you need to follow certain steps like clearing residual matter, sowing healthy seeds, and providing enough water and nutrition.


Your dietary choices modulate the exact species of bacteria in your gut. By mindfully selecting foods, you can optimize the functioning of your Microbiome.


In turn, this helps your body eliminate harmful toxins, absorb more nutrients and increase immunity. It balances your hormones and reduces emotional disturbances. When your gut garden becomes healthy, you feel better in so many different ways!



The miracle lies in diversity


You have surely come across videos and articles that highlight certain “miracle foods” or “wonder foods” to improve gut health. In reality, the key to a healthy Microbiome is a diverse diet.


No single food can be the ultimate gut healer. Rather, including a range of different foods in your regular diet will equip your system to heal itself and handle all sorts of unforeseen events.



Gut health at JOALI BEING


Re-establish a sound, diversified and robust gut at our wellbeing island. Our expert team supports the Microbiome Pillar with tailored treatments, detoxifying therapies and personalised dietary advice. Let us guide you towards a gut-supportive lifestyle with healthy habits, practical tools and long-term strategies.


Discover the importance of basic nutrition principles like balance, moderation and variety — the thumb rules to correcting any imbalances in your gut microbes. Understand how taking probiotics in tandem with prebiotics allows your Microbiome to perform at peak efficiency.


It is fascinating to learn that your scalp and skin have their own set of microbiomes, which protect the body from pathogens and inflammation. Our curated offerings will help you restore and revitalise these additional microbiomes as well.



Made for the Microbiome


If you wish to enhance your gut health, along with overall wellbeing, we highly recommend our Gut Reset Wellbeing Programme. Especially designed for those struggling with digestive disorders, this programme carries out a thorough detoxification at the cellular level.


Since your gut is also home to immune cells, hormones and neurotransmitters, you will feel a distinct improvement in these dimensions of health as well. Our meticulously crafted Earth-to-Table cuisine works to nourish your gut while pleasing your tastebuds.


Also coming up soon is our annual Microbiome celebration. Every year on 27th June, World Microbiome Day, JOALI BEING hosts a special workshop to empower guests. Learn to sustain your wellbeing journey by making small, daily investments through informed dietary choices. Remember, at the end of the day, you are what you eat!