From Microbiome to Mind: A Weight Rebalancing Journey

Within each of us dwells a galaxy of deep and intricate interconnections. Changes in one area of our body can have a profound impact on another part or aspect of our wellbeing. Once we understand this, we realise the importance of viewing weight loss more holistically.


Welcome to JOALI BEING’s Weight Rebalancing journey, designed to heal, nurture, and harmonise. At our wellbeing island, we harness the Four Pillars to address the root causes of weight gain. Gentle therapeutic treatments, nourishing cuisine, and mindful movement sessions are blended into a wondrous whole to help you reach — and maintain — your ideal weight.

A Garden in Your Gut

Recent research has uncovered a direct relationship between weight shift patterns and gut health status. There is ample evidence to suggest that a unique species of microorganisms in your gut can influence your whole body’s metabolic activity. They can either accelerate breakdown of foods and enhance metabolism or slow down the entire process, thereby sabotaging any attempt at weight loss. In other words, a balanced gut Microbiome is vital to weight rebalancing.

Microbiome constitutes one of JOALI BEING’s essential Four Pillars, our unique wellbeing approach. Think of your gut Microbiome as an inner garden, a complex ecosystem that is home to trillions of microorganisms. When tended to with care and compassion, this garden flourishes, extending its positive influence throughout the body.


Weight Rebalancing Treatments

Ranging from the gentle to the invigorating, our unique treatments can effectively aid in weight management:

  • Personalised dietary guidance. Choose foods and cultivate eating habits that suit your unique constitution.
  • Aromatherapy massage. Support digestion through massage, using essential oils infused with herbs and flowers.
  • Lymphatic drainage. Eliminate toxins and activate cell metabolism by optimising the flow of lymph.
  • Functional training. Engage your muscles through dynamic movements to promote efficient calorie burn.
  • Pilates. Boost metabolism and tone your muscles with a low-impact workout.
  • Cryotherapy. Harness extreme cold therapy to supercharge your metabolism.


The Mental Toll of Weight Gain

Don’t underestimate the mental impact of carrying excess weight. Several studies have linked body size to issues like anxiety disorder, depression, mood swings, and poor sleep. Weight gain can impact the brain’s neurotransmitters, leading to low self-esteem, inconsistent behavior, lack of resilience, and isolation.

As one becomes less able to cope with life’s challenges, the mental fallout continues to worsen and weight management becomes even tougher. In this way, one can become trapped in an unhealthy, self-reinforcing cycle. This is why JOALI BEING emphasises weight rebalancing treatments that also regulate mood, build self-awareness, and strengthen the mind-body connection.


Lifestyle Tweaks for Healthy Weight Management

Adopt a few practical strategies to support weight management:

  • Eat mindfully. Be aware of what you are eating. Try to switch off distractions when having a meal.
  • Manage portions. Master the art of portion control. Continue to enjoy the foods you love, in moderation.
  • Slow down. Chew your food well and savor each bite. Allow your body to signal fullness.
  • Hydrate regularly. Stay well hydrated to boost metabolism. Don’t allow thirst to masquerade as hunger.
  • Keep moving. Find a form of movement you enjoy and make it part of your daily routine.


Weight Rebalancing at JOALI BEING

At our wellbeing island in Maldives, you will find a bouquet of curated offerings for weight loss and management.

  • Personalised nutrition consultation. Tap into the innate intelligence of your body with a customized dietary plan, designed by our nutritionist.
  • Four Pillars Massage. Rebalance with this signature treatment, performed with Four Pillars essential oil blends to stimulate the flow of vital life force.
  • Microbiome Therapy. Strengthen gut health with this abdomen-focused massage, using handpicked essential oils to support digestion.
  • Skin Therapy. Lymphatic exfoliation aids with detoxification, followed by a contouring massage to tone cellulite-prone areas.
  • Udvartana. Feel lighter with our specialised Ayurvedic massage, which reduces excess cellulite and tones the body.
  • Chi Nei Tsang. Drawing on ancient Chinese Taoist wisdom, this holistic therapy focuses on the navel centre, the primary site of imbalances.
  • Fit 3D & Intelligent Movement Analysis. In-depth metabolic and movement analyses allow us to tailor a nutrition and fitness program just for you.
  • Cryotherapy. Lose up to 800 calories in a single session with this innovative extreme cold therapy.
    Functional Training & Pilates. Ignite your body’s metabolic engine with invigorating workouts.

At JOALI BEING, we believe that healthy weight starts with a healthy gut and mind-body connection. Our Weight Rebalance Wellbeing program restores internal balance to help you reach your optimum weight.